10 functional foods that are good for health

10 functional foods that are good for health

10 functional foods that are good for health

functional foods To take care of your well-being the first step is to pay attention to what they bring to the table, learning to give priority to functional foods that are good for health.

In recent years, that of a healthy lifestyle, focusing primarily on good eating habits, has become a topic of primary interest about scientific studies confirm that eating well helps to keep the body healthy and provide the daily energy needed for the good functioning of the body.

Some foods are in particular so-called “functional” precisely because they contain valuable substances for the body because they are able to cooperate in a positive way to its operation.

But what really are the foods that are good for health and how to orient themselves in choosing the best?

Today more help arrives from Coop that has enriched its line Bene.sì adding just a special category dedicated to functional foods: you recognize from the box with purple shading and all those foods fortified with ingredients capable of performing an action beneficial specific label. A quick and easy way to choose healthy foods and also to learn what are the functional properties of the different substances.

If you have decided to focus on eating whole health, then here are the 10 foods that can not miss on the table.

1 Yogurt . A precious ally for your health because it is rich in lactic acid bacteria can restore the intestinal flora. What is the yogurt to be preferred? Surely those probiotics that can give life to micro-organisms that help the formation of intestinal flora endangered by the action of antibiotics and beyond.

2Fruit . It’s common knowledge that consuming several servings of fruit a day is good for the body. Fruit offers valuable substances such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The avocado, for example, is a fruit very healthy because it is rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber and also plays an important action to adjust the levels of bad cholesterol. If you are looking also for a practical product to be consumed without sacrificing the beneficial effects of fruit, point to a drink. That proposed by Bene.sì online Coop, made of apricot, orange and peach are ideal for those who want to stock up on fiber.

3Tomatoes . The classic tomato salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil is the best side dish for the table in the summer. The tomato fact contains minerals, vitamins and organic acids capable of promoting digestion.

4Walnuts and almonds. For a healthy snack and energy during the day, it is good to opt for dried fruit. The almonds, for example, are rich in protein, vitamin E, and minerals, while walnuts are a calcium reserves, iron, phosphorus and folic acid. Both help to reduce cholesterol levels of “bad”.

5Cereals . Even the cereal should always be present at the table. Oats in particular, as well as being high in fiber, it helps regulate sugar levels in the blood and fights bad cholesterol. The tasty and healthy idea for breakfast, then, may be to focus on biscuits made with oatmeal.

6Crescenza . A fresh and tasty cheese that generally puts in a bit ‘all agreed, children included. But the growth is not only good but also very healthy because it is rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus. The lightest? In the light version of the Coop Bene.sì line.

7Soybeans . Help reduce cholesterol, regulates the sense of hunger and even improves the functioning of the metabolism. Soy is a true elixir of health because it contains a substance, lecithin, which prevents the cholesterol present in the blood to deposit on the walls of the arteries. Not to mention that it is also a valuable source of vitamins and minerals like iron and potassium.

8Broccoli . Among the vegetables for the table, in the winter to recharge your health, there is definitely broccoli, boasting even anticancer properties. They are also a source of fiber, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

9Anchovies . They cost very little and yet they are the most famous example of this blue fish much celebrated by the Mediterranean diet. They are rich in protein, omega 3, calcium, iron, and phosphorus and preserve our body from the risk of cardiovascular disease.

10Lentils . They serve to counteract the aging but may offer an important help also in cases of diabetes and anemia. Lentils are rich in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

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