15 reasons why you are always hungry

15 reasons why you are always hungry + Are Wolves Always Hungry

15 reasons why you are always hungry

Have you always hungry and do not understand why, even if you are in the diet ? It is a very common symptom of what you think and the reasons may be of different type. In many cases, though, there are some simple remedies to correct eating habits and not feel that sense of hunger “continues.” Let’s have 15 reasons why it is always hungry .

Eat a lot of carbohydrates. Foods rich in simple and complex carbohydrates – pasta, pizza, rice, sweets, sugar, cereals – increase the level of glucose in the blood. When this level is lowered, between meals, we feel hungry again and above all, it needs new carbohydrates. In short, if you want to avoid dependence on carbs, better to reduce the complex carbohydrates and replace them with whole grains, quinoa, fruit, and vegetables.

1 You are thirsty. When you get hungry, try drinking a first d ‘glass of water and wait about twenty minutes; if you continue to feel empty stomach, eat something. According to a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior , in 60% of cases people eat something believing they are hungry when in fact they only thirst . This is because the hypothalamus regulates both pangs of hunger is thirst, and then these signals can sometimes get confused.

2 You are distracted . A research appeared in the trade journal Food Quality and Preference has determined that the most listened to the noise of our food, the less Mangia rete. The study was based on an experiment: who ate while watching TV, he consulted the computer or listened to music, took on a lot more food than those who stood in silence listening to the sound of their chewing .

3 You are stressed. Initially stress has the effect of decreasing the appetite, but if this state of fatigue and restlessness persists, things change. Instead of adrenalin, the glands release a hormone called cortisol , which activates hormones hunger and pushes the lipids into fat cells.

4 They do not sleep enough. According to the famous American nutritionist Jay Cardiello, when you are not sleeping enough leptin levels down, and this causes an increase in appetite and makes food more attractive. Moreover, the lack of adequate rest “can be the cause of a lower heat consumption and an increase in cortisol levels, which accumulates fat”.

5 Eat too fast. If chewed slowly you will see that ye shall be filled first, and then you will reduce the amount of food eaten. The explanation is simple: the hunger hormones takes 20 to 30 minutes to get to the brain so if you have a meal in five minutes, we eat more than we actually need.

6 Taking into account only the calories you eat. If you check only the calories as a criterion for recruitment of foods, you are making a mistake. No calories ingested by satisfying, but the nutrients ingested – fiber, protein, good fats. Most low-calorie snacks contain carbohydrates and very few of the nutrients listed above: in this case, you will continue to feel hungry and never be satisfied your appetite.

7 Skip meals. Skipping meals is not a good way to lose weight or to maintain a healthy diet. Not eating causes your next meal, eat a lot more than we should. The National Institute of Health of the United States has shown that, when you do not eat, your body runs out of glucose reserves in the blood, activating hormones hunger and then stimulating our appetite.

8 Do you have a fast metabolism. The metabolism fast can cause you a constant sense of hunger. If so, in fact, your body consumes faster all the calories and then asks for new ones.

9 Eat food low in fat. In this case, the reasons are of two types. On the one hand, the packaged foods in low-fat are filled with sugar to compensate for the lack of flavor, and this creates the effect dependence on carbohydrates explained previously. On the other hand, when we eat a full-fat food, the tongue to the brain sends a signal by which communicates that the body is filling, which does not happen when you eat a food with low fat, and so you tend to eat much more.

10 Frequently drink alcohol. Taking alcohol before a meal does not diminish the appetite, indeed. According to research published in ‘ American Journal of Nutrition , the’ alcohol is one of the main causes leading to the assumption of too much food. The reason could be linked to the fact that alcohol alters the senses: the study showed that women who took two alcoholic drinks ate 30% more than those who received a saline solution.

11 Eat little salad. The ‘ salad is rich in vitamin K , a micronutrient that regulates the levels of insulin . Thanks to this vitamin, the body is able to more efficiently manage the level of insulin in the blood, and then to disperse less. Eating so much salad, consequently, you will have less hunger.

12 You are bored. You will have often to deal with the boredom , eating something. When you are bored, in fact, you lose the ability to make smart choices about food, becoming the ” emotional eaters.” It is what is revealed by a new study appeared in the Journal of Health Psychology.

13 Been sitting all day. Having a sedentary lifestyle not only it makes us do not dispose of what we eat, but it means that you have constantly hungry. According to research published by Diabetes Care, if you interrupt our sedentary activities with a walk of 30 minutes, the body is able to minimize blood sugar spikes and to lower the level of insulin after eating. Without physical activity, the body may have difficulty managing insulin consumption, and this makes you hungry again.

14 Rarely do you prepare to eat. Lunch or dine out , order takeaway or who does not spend time cooking can cause a steady appetite. The reason? Packaged foods contain high levels of salt , preservatives and even additives that stimulate the appetite, making you in fact addicted to certain types of food.

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