Bags Twin-Set Spring-Summer 2017 2018

Bags Twin-Set Spring-Summer 2017 2018

Do you like Twin-Set bags? We present the new catalog spring-summer 2017 2018, classical proposals alternating with modern shapes and colorful.

The collection of Twin-Set Simona Barbieri bags is romantic and very feminine.

The well-known brand after delighting us with a line spring-summer clothing 2017 2018 full of color and a mix of different fabrics, wants to conquer his audience with a vast catalog of bags of trend and above all modern.

Space bright colors and versatility, in fact, no lack of proposals from day to take it in your spare time in the office, followed by the most sought after models suitable for special occasions.

As you will see below, we will tell you:

Shopping bag, practical and stylish, large to bring all your beauty case:

Handbag, the coolest handbags of the moment, with classical forms and new to be discovered; The shoulder bags, large and small, especially so popular mini-bags.

What are you waiting? Let’s find out the new collection of Twin-Set spring-summer 2017 bags, with pictures and prices!

Mini Cécile Deux
Mini Cécile Deux 313,00 €

Shopping Bag Twin-September 2017 2018

Red Shopper double skin
Red Shopper double skin 188.00 € / white Shopper 199,00 €

They are a must-have for this season shopper large size clutch bag with practical interior can be transformed into a handbag.

The new catalog Twin-Set it provides different models, even in hobo bag version. In this new line, you can choose between shopping bag or rigid leather saffian double, or even soft simulated leather.

Hobo leather orange with detachable pocket
Hobo leather orange with detachable pocket 248,00 € / Hobo bag with fringes € 175,00

How to color the fashion brand offers very clear shades such as white almond, followed by red, navy blue, black, beige and orange.

The hobo bags Twin-Set are very interesting, the patterns are pretty basic, very elegant and refined, and have special details that distinguish them, such as double zip closure, bag handle with metal rings are made of leather or fabric in more sporty variants.

Touch ’70’s style for the model in faux leather with fringes long decorated in aged nickel pendants.

Cesta Cheerleader Shopping in white-black canvas
Cesta Cheerleader 170.00 € / Shopping in white-black canvas 70,00 €

Handbag Twin-Set S / S 2017 2018

Satchel simulated leather with double zip Satchel soft leather with studs
Satchel simulated leather with double zip 160.00 € / Satchel soft leather with studs € 289.00

In the online catalog available on the official website of Twin-Set back to highlight handbag with double handle with removable shoulder strap.

In this category, we can not help but to present the model Cecile Deux, expected to smooth scratch-resistant or suede in classic and sober colors like black leather, blue, beige and caramel, but also in bright green and ultra red.

Cécile Deux Maxi Black Cécile Deux with interlacing
Cécile Deux Maxi Black € 310.00 / € 330.00 Cécile Deux with interlacing

These stunning romantic bags from the soul as well as having a particular shape are closed with flap and are equipped with a front pocket with double zip, decorated with metal studs. Which you prefer the classic or the total black-colored leather with a woven decoration?

bag striped multicolor Handbag with floral rhinestones
Handbag with floral rhinestones 189.00 € / bag striped multi color 159.00 €

Space also to the trunks , as the casual-chic model in leather from processing coarse decorated on the profiles to golden studs.

They make space the bags carried by hand from the bon-ton tone provided in solid colors with small applications themed floral or simulated leather, two-tone charms or band multicolor .

Shoulder Bags Twin-Set Collection S / S 2017 2018

Cécile Deux micro green Cécile Deux flowers
Cécile Deux micro green 240.00 € / Cécile Deux flowers 275,00 €

Among the shoulder bags of the new collection undoubtedly stand out the beautiful mini-bags, variations petit of the largest bags that will make your exclusive look.

Again the Cécile Deux in versions micro light up with bright colors and glamorous details. The catalog provides simple models in smooth leather with chain strap, or this animal in the bag with floral and studs applications, and a satin version with decorative bow.

pom-poms, basket, double handle, HCécile Deux micro green, bag striped multicolor , two-tone leather strap, shoulder bag with flowers Nubuck
two-tone leather strap 195.00 € / shoulder bag with flowers Nubuck 125,00 €

For sure you always admired shoulder bags from regular sizes, with vibrant color combinations and the color effects that create geometric . There are also models in nubuck suede with applications of flowers ton-sur-ton.

faux leather, double zip closure, pom-poms, basket, double handle, HCécile Deux micro green, bag striped multicolor , Bucket in synthetic white leather, Bucket Green leather

Bucket in synthetic white leather 150.00 € / Bucket Green leather 178,00 €

The buckets are really fashion, the brand proposes it in matte or leather skin rather simple or decorated with scalloped trim and studs.

catalog Twin-Set, hobo bag, faux leather, double zip closure, pom-poms, basket, double handle, HCécile Deux micro green, Clutch with pearls, white Clutch with flowers and rhinestones
Clutch with pearls € 98.00 / white Clutch with flowers and rhinestones 125.00 €

Is completed by two sophisticated line clutch satin: the first total black is embellished with synthetic pearls frontally placed, while the second, ideal for daytime ceremonies, is detailed by floral and bright rhinestones reasons.

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