Chess pattern - elegant geometric interpretation of nail art

Beads, Chess And Monochrome Three Nail Trend In January

monochrome three nail trend in January

Hits “beaded” manicure – nail trend in January stylish accent, which is so well back from the past. Caviar-coating can boast durability, but bright and crazy parties outfit this design – what you need. The new season is relevant not only solid “caviar” background pastel palette and patterns of contrasting matt varnish on the beads as an unusual accent.

Caviar-nail art - for the brave and daring

Rainbow extravaganza "bead" manicure guarantees admiring glances

Ostromodnye variation geometric manicure – checkerboard print – a fresh solution for an everyday image. It may be a classic black and white bars, a derisive ornament of puzzles, or even frivolous abstract structure – does not matter. The basic rule – compliance with the pattern of repeating geometric elements.

Chess pattern - elegant geometric interpretation of nail art

The desire for brevity keeps design Negative Space. Nail art “negative space” delightfully simple – selective coating the nail trend in January plate. Painted and “natural” areas form a simple pattern, similar to the ancient rock art. When the apparent primitiveness, this pattern perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the female fingers.

Manicure Negative Space - an integral part of stylish image

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