black Mask The Mask For Black Points 2017 2018

Black Mask: The Mask For Black Points 2017 2018

black Mask The Mask For Black Points 2017 2018

We give you some tips on one of the most popular beauty products of the moment: the black mask, black mask of the enemy fat Pella.

The Black Mask is the new beauty of the moment!

This portentous black mask appears to be the new enemy of pimples and points blacks. But let us see what it is and what are the ingredients.

It ‘really effective, and in the case where the best products on the market?

The main ingredients of the Beauty Mask

The miraculous black mask appears to have originated in Asia, and its best-known formula is made with charcoal, responsible for the black color is known for its properties, such as absorption of sebum and purifying skin.

In some cases, the typical dark color can be induced by a simple dye and the addition of chemical elements that perform the above function.

For those who prefer to use only natural based products then the market also provides other formulations, such as the Black Soap African cocoa, and Aleppo soap with black olive oil, both of which prevent the formation of pimples and of ‘acne.

How the Black Mask?

This type of mask peel off, departing has a creamy consistency, it is applied on the parts to be purified (chin, T-zone or on the entire face) avoiding the eye and mouth. It leaves posting by 20-30 minutes, during which the mask turns into a thin film that adheres to the skin. Once the time ends, it removes taking away impurities and points blacks. The result is clean and radiant.

But what are the pros and cons of black masks? The excellent value for money and ease of use are points in her favor, although it is always wise to pay attention to the labels trying to opt for formulations that have only natural ingredients.

With regard to its effectiveness to the opinions from the web, it seems to be inconsistent: it would seem that those with oily skin benefit are, while those who have a very sensitive should avoid even !. But there is also a part of the public that speaks of her real ineffectiveness or gets results only after repeated applications.

Black Mask: where to buy it

Where do you buy the Black Mask? There are online several products available for sale, especially on Amazon. Let’s see in detail and the best selling brands of the moment!

Black Mask of Pil’Aten

Black Mask of Pil'Aten

Black Mask End of Lucky

Black Mask End of Lucky

How to Make Black Mask at home

On YouTube, you will find a wide selection of video tutorials that explain how to create a black mask in DIY version, with a few simple ingredients. Take a look now!

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