Blue Eye Makeup Tips

Blue Eye Makeup Tips

Blue Eye Makeup Tips
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Perhaps the beauty of the first areas of customization, especially when it comes to highlighting the features of your makeup that will compliment and bring your eye color to choose. I got to blue eye makeup tips pop, and want to know what can you do? It’s as simple as the color wheel to learn, and that every nuance of your eyes too much works for the tip.

Today we are going to fight for the blue eye makeup tips! Those who are in a particular color or ice, or contrary to the content on the color wheel, take a look at the shadow of the gray-green tint-able to take advantage. So, instead of 80 signature bright blue shade in the picture, you have to get something completely different.

We have the color orange. But do not panic, we do not suggest you cover your lids, cheeks, lips and eyes, and tangerine and neon shades of blue just to get some action. Or find a shade that is particularly close to the family of color.
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For example, if a bracelet, day or night, compliments the eye makeup staring, warm brown, bronze and gold shades of orange that feels a little bit more than that when it comes to creating. When asked, in Blue eye shadow shades compliment, celebrity makeup artist Kelso Deenihan Avon gureBeautyHigh #BeautyChat tell us the color and blue eyes, and he believes that these colors to wear, too!

And note to eye color palettes that are on the market, it makes a lot of sense. Shadow Quad chic cream Cosmetics “, black, and the two have formed a warm brown color. Blue eyes are the other pallets on the market, such as pink creams and browns and even shades of gray. In fact, L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional sweep You can even have a bright light blue.

If the blue color is used to highlight the color of your eyes, to achieve contrast. Instead of using black eyeliner, try dark navy blue or across your upper lashes with lower lash line and turquoise.
Your lips make-up method. Blue lipstick in the color of your eyes open, you can pick up, too. In contrast, to the orange-red colors pop and fashion accessories required for each of you. Look at this model and you get the picture above. The soft approach, try a coral pink or orange.

Or do you prepare for the night, the best thing you can do for your eyes, using blue makeup to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and not overpower them? Here’s how you can make your beautiful blue eyes opened wide ten tips.

Tone down your lipstick

Your lipstick is too dark or too bright, it will be more emphasis on your eyes. Matte lipstick and peach, light brown or pink shades, to follow and give your eyes a chance to focus.

Try sheer eyeshadow

With blue eyes, you do not have loads of different colors of eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. Bright colors or patterns on the clean gleam in your eyes of blue. Blue calm and transfixing himself, did not need much help.

Stay away from blue eyeshadow

You can get away with blue eye shadow, natural shade of blue with blue eyes are totally different. Too much blue or a shade that is close to your own, and your eyes it will reduce the impact on the beautiful natural blue to blue.

Smoky eyes look is great in the evening

If you have blue eyes, the dark eye shadow, eyeliner smudged charcoal, you can use if you are going to be paired with in the evening. Smokey eye makeup to look beautiful with a beautiful bright blue eyes.

Use warm colors

Blue eye makeup tips for a great color eyeshadow heat in use, it will be enough to bring the blue eyes. Earthy colors such as light brown of the experiment and see how she opens her eyes. A fantastic contrast with the blue eyes.

Brown mascara

These warm colors can also be extended to your eyelashes. Fill your eyes with the warm tones of brown instead of black mascara and your eyes are a too big difference in how well you can make a stand.

Navy eyeliner…

Beautiful blue eye makeup tips to change your black eyeliner navy. Navy eyeliner can really make your eyes beautifully highlighted in blue, and you can create a stunning effect.

…or no bottom eyeliner

You can really open your eyes and make them look a lot brighter, and if you use eyeliner below. White eyeliner along the lower lash line and make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more beautiful.

Keep makeup simple

Naturally beautiful blue eyes, the smaller is definitely better when it comes to makeup. Too much makeup will detract from the natural beauty only. Just create a frame for your eyes and let you have the rest of their color.

Try some gold

This is useful for blue eye makeup tips, especially for a happy woman who is a really bright blue eyes, try a golden hue. There is a shade better than gold, to go along with gorgeous blue eyes! All you have stunning views and a touch of mascara to coat shiny gold eyeshadow, and you are ready to go.

How to make blue eyes pop? My favorite makeup tips for blue eyes?

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