Blue Eyeshadow Makeup

Blue Eyeshadow Makeup

Blue Eyeshadow Makeup
Blue eyeshadow makeup tutorial, Slightly blue eyeshadow makeup, How to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes

Blue eyeshadow makeup tutorial, Slightly blue eyeshadow makeup, How to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes

Fashion Week, when we turn on our radar beauty trends. And this year, blue, blue eyeshadow makeup, especially buzzed. Paris, London, shocking Blue eyeshadow makeup designer used feminine yet modern touch to their appearance. Thus, the blue-eyed beauties you join them? Let’s take a look …


Soft pastel bright turquoise and electric blue, you will be spoiled for choice. In addition, no one can go on smoldering blue eyes, but subtle effect an entirely different tone. How, in texture, shimmer or glitter eyeshadow maximum effect. Otherwise, super pigmented opaque shade additional injection may be intense!


The most daring everything you will need to apply eyeshadow on the eyelid, or blue graphic work in the eyes of a cat. In addition, you can use instead of the usual blue eyeliner or under the eyes, depending on what is most suitable. Of course, you’re not in the thick mascara and blue, blue, or on the way to integration into your make-up looking for a job, if you’re always nervous.


Not at all! They were concerned green eyes, for example, would look strange if the blue eye shadow, especially to look at these pictures, all green eyes girls! If you have naturally blue eyes, but too much can be overwhelming blue eyeshadow. Instead, use blue liner to open peepers. Skin tone and hair color-wise, as a rule, the appearance of the blue and black women are better or platinum hair, fair complexion and look great on women with dark skin.

You really look at the make-up of the weekend fun, I thought I would share how to get ready. It’s really dramatic blue eyeshadow makeup tutorial is perfect for the night. This means that you can not wear all day long while, but I, personally, it looks like the night with friends or a special event. It is colorful and bright, also adds to my love for you. that is a gorgeous blue / gold hue was inspired. My Mac distance in this video you can see the shadow of what I said.

I know a lot of people worried about wearing blue eyeshadow that reminds them of the ’80s, and that’s why they stay away from it. Others just like to see the frightened eyes and bruises. Some people believe the misconception that you can not wear blue eye shadow blue.

Today I did not show up, step by step, how to use this shade of blue eyeshadow my makeup to go to the students. It’s how you mix, tons of mix, and you apply it on the cover. Once you know the rest of these three simple steps.
Say you enjoyed this tutorial, and if you have a suggestion for my next lesson. I do not put them together so much fun. Thanks so much for looking!

If you like the blue eye shadow, this is good news. Anyone can wear this color. Yes, they have blue eyes, you can still wear it! The key is knowing how to apply for and pick up a shade. About these makeup tips will show you how to find the perfect blue, and the correct way of application.

Light Eyes or Dark Eyes

When choosing colors, the error is too much for most women to go to the dark color of the eyes.

Make sure it’s as light or lighter than the color of your eyes, you should choose a color.

As you can see, even a woman with blue eyes beautiful colors you can wear blue eye shadow.

Makeup The trick is to create a contrast.

“Blue shadow, eye color can be improved at all!”

Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

There are sure to get the right shade of blue every time is an easy way to do it. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Use the two-color eye shadow. This is especially true if you have light eyes.

2. First, apply the white or ivory shade for the eyes to the whole eye.

3. Then, during the blue-white layer. In fact, it looks brighter.

Now look at the balance. You do not want to be a light color, so you can add contrast to your look:

1. Dip the brush in distilled water drops.

2. Take a little blue on it.

3. Line your eyes close to the lash line with a thin blue line.

There’s like eyeliner make-up of the instructions posted on each time.

Blue Eyeshadow Looks

Top shape, works for several reasons. That is why this work shows that the method of applying makeup more makeup tips:
First of all, it does not overpower the eye color.
Secondly, it is a blue violet color combines aqua little easier.
Thus, it maintains all the blue eye for combining colors, mixed.
If you have dark skin, it is easy to start a dark blue.
The skin may be darker in color although it tends to be greener.
Deep turquoise and teal blues looks outstanding women with dark skin and brown eyes!

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