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Liu Jo Dress Collection Spring Summer 2017 2018


For the spring/summer collection 2017 2018, Liu Jo offers chiefs essential elegance, feminine and glamorous, versatile to feel more and chic on all occasions

And ‘glam-chic new Liu Jo collection for the season spring-summer 2017 2018. The Italian label offers a line of clothing unparalleled, elegant and feminine, trendy and especially solar energy in view of the summer.

We speak not only clothes but also jackets, tops, shirts and blouses, skirts and pants with clean lines and clean design, especially ultra versatile to wear on all occasions.

There are also influences from different styles: a mix of classic and modern, rock, boho and romantic inspirations and bon-ton, exclusive and unique to make the proposals of the new collection.


black Mask The Mask For Black Points 2017 2018

Black Mask: The Mask For Black Points 2017 2018

black Mask The Mask For Black Points 2017 2018

We give you some tips on one of the most popular beauty products of the moment: the black mask, black mask of the enemy fat Pella.

The Black Mask is the new beauty of the moment!

This portentous black mask appears to be the new enemy of pimples and points blacks. But let us see what it is and what are the ingredients.

It ‘really effective, and in the case where the best products on the market?

The main ingredients of the Beauty Mask

The miraculous black mask appears to have originated in Asia, and its best-known formula is made with charcoal, responsible for the black color is known for its properties, such as absorption of sebum and purifying skin.

In some cases, the typical dark color can be induced by a simple dye and the addition of chemical elements that perform the above function.

For those who prefer to use only natural based products then the market also provides other formulations, such as the Black Soap African cocoa, and Aleppo soap with black olive oil, both of which prevent the formation of pimples and of ‘acne.

How the Black Mask?

This type of mask peel off, departing has a creamy consistency, it is applied on the parts to be purified (chin, T-zone or on the entire face) avoiding the eye and mouth. It leaves posting by 20-30 minutes, during which the mask turns into a thin film that adheres to the skin. Once the time ends, it removes taking away impurities and points blacks. The result is clean and radiant.

But what are the pros and cons of black masks? The excellent value for money and ease of use are points in her favor, although it is always wise to pay attention to the labels trying to opt for formulations that have only natural ingredients.

With regard to its effectiveness to the opinions from the web, it seems to be inconsistent: it would seem that those with oily skin benefit are, while those who have a very sensitive should avoid even !. But there is also a part of the public that speaks of her real ineffectiveness or gets results only after repeated applications.

Black Mask: where to buy it

Where do you buy the Black Mask? There are online several products available for sale, especially on Amazon. Let’s see in detail and the best selling brands of the moment!

Black Mask of Pil’Aten

Black Mask of Pil'Aten

Black Mask End of Lucky

Black Mask End of Lucky

How to Make Black Mask at home

On YouTube, you will find a wide selection of video tutorials that explain how to create a black mask in DIY version, with a few simple ingredients. Take a look now!

Kiko Celebrates 20 Years In Business With The New Make_Up Collection Less Is Better

Kiko Celebrates 20 Years In Business With The New Make_Up Collection Less Is Better

Kiko Celebrates 20 Years In Business With The New Make_Up Collection Less Is Better

Give prominence to your natural beauty with a make-up line of Kiko: Less is better. Powders, eye shadows, and lipsticks in shades of nude effect.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, Kiko Cosmetics has developed a brand new make-up collection Less is Better, in collaboration with Vogue Italy and designers Handmade SuperDuper Hats, a famous brand of hats.

The new capsule collection, in limited edition, emphasizes the new trend color nude effect and does so with a slogan “No makeup – makeup”, the series is the trick but not seen!

The products contained within this beautiful make-up line celebrating the natural beauty, the result of a makeup perfect playing the hide small imperfections, emphasize the face with the right lit eyes and lips with warm colors from the finish satin, metallic or mat. We see in detail the various products of the new make-up line.

Less is Better Fluid Highlighter – Brightening Fluid

LESS IS BETTER Fluid Highlighter 01
LESS IS BETTER Fluid Highlighter 01

Illuminating Face which guarantees an effect strobing light and delicate. It easily fades and has an opacity not heavy, uniform and sensory. The product is available in two shades:

o1 Gentle Champagne
02 Mild Golden Sand
Click here now to buy on Kiko site, at a price of EUR 11.95.

Less is Better Cream Blush – Blush Cream

LESS IS BETTER Cream Blush 02
LESS IS BETTER Cream Blush 02

Blush in water-based cream, ideal for enhancing the cheeks and cheekbones in a natural way. It applies and is easy blurs, the texture is silky and impalpable, while the finish is fresh and bright.

You can choose two colors:

01 impalpable Rose
02 Tenuous Mauve
E ‘available online on the official website Kiko to EUR 8.95. Buy it now!

Less is Better Eyeshadow Palette – Eyeshadow

Less is Better Eyeshadow Palette - Eyeshadow
Less is Better Eyeshadow Palette – Eyeshadow

The new palette of Kiko eyeshadows contains less than 9 wafers natural tones and sophisticated nude effect. The colors are full and warm and are distinguished according to three different finish: matte, satin and metallic.

It has a price of EUR 11.95. Buy at once!

Less is Better Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow Stick

Less is Better Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow - Eyeshadow Stick

L ‘ eyeshadow stick has a creamy consistency and is long-lasting. You can choose between three shades of satin finish or metal:

01 Pearly Golden Ivory
02 Pearl Quartz
03 Metallic Copper Rosy
Discover them on the site Kiko Cosmetics! The price is EUR 6.95.

Less is Better Matte Lipstick – Lipstick Ultra Mat

It is easily applied and smudge the new lipstick ultra matte nude effect of Less is a Better collection. The colors you can choose from are four:

01 Silky Cashmere
02 Sensitive Beige
03 Essential Rose
04 Impeccable Rosewood
Your lips have a full and sophisticated color that enhances. The price of the new lipstick is EUR 6.95. What are you waiting? Buy it now!

Less is Better Konjac Sponge – Sponge face

Less is Better Konjac Sponge - Sponge face

The new sponge for the face is ideal for cleaning the face and held perfectly in the hand thanks to its special teardrop shape. Costa  EUR 5.95 and here in the official shop Kiko.

Less is Better Clutch

Less is Better Clutch

Complete the collection the beautiful clutch door make-up, practical and roomy. It has a price is EUR 14.95. Click here to buy now!

How to wear makeup with a tan

How to wear makeup with a tan + Are Makeup Wipes Allowed On Planes

How to wear makeup with a tan

In summer, learn to wear makeup with a tan is essential. When changing the color of the skin, in fact, you have to abdicate the usual foundation and the usual colors and choose specific products that emphasize the new color and its features. With the heat, then, it is easier than the makeup suffer unpleasant collapses and it is important to opt for proposals waterproof .

From the base to the lipstick, eye shadow and mascara through, let’s see how to wear makeup with a tan in the most suitable way to their complexion and their facial features.

The key issue is to apply a moisturizer very nutritiously, so make the face brighter, usually clouded by sun exposure.

The most common mistake, to be avoided, is encumbered with a tan too dark lands , with the risk of extremely hardened his features.

The purpose of makeup with a tan is to play with light and shade of the face , enhancing the lights , so as to highlight the healthy glow effect.Those who can not give up the foundation even in the summer should opt for ultra-light formula. This kind of products is to be heated with the fingers and then applied with a sponge, so as to make the color more transparent.

To eliminate the shiny effect and minimize lines and imperfections, the face should be buffered with a face powder , a neutral color and possibly powder, made with micronized particles that do not create thickness and reflect light, giving a velvety finish.

Essential to the use of an illuminating it with its bright powders formulated with microparticles iridescent blend with skin and diffuse the light on your face. They must be applied with a powder brush, starting from the temple.

You draw a C toward the cheekbone under the eye; We switch on the centerline of the nose and stake out an inverted triangle on the forehead, with the base of the hairline. So apply the light touches on the chin and on the central part of the upper lip.

To give the right proportions to the volumes of the face, to be applied earth on the contours of the face, especially on bony areas, then to the side of the cheekbone and jaw, and the cheek bone to the nose.

Make-up with a tan in a correct way is preferable to the blush in cream, which gives a brighter effect.

Best to avoid eyeshadows opaque, because they tend to harden facial features. Are preferable, instead, the satin formulas and slightly iridescent.

Purple, mauve, and burgundy darken the face, while the cold colors , like all very delicate pastel colors, creating a very exciting effect.

All warm colors , however, such as bronze, ocher, beige honeyed, the caramel, ivory, gold, and metallics are ideal. The green shades are fine if they contain hot chrome tips.

The lip pencil , which creates a clean line, too hardens the expression of the mouth: better, however, point to soft edges that give a transparent effect.

The lipsticks mat off the complexion, then green light to gloss, lipsticks satin, bright and transparent.

They are suitable for all shades of orange, red, coral and pink that contain warm color tips.

How to choose the right shampoo

How to choose the right shampoo + Are Shampoo Bars Good For Your Hair


How to choose the right shampooWhen the supermarket is fixed a shelf that seems endless, with dozens of different products, how to choose the right shampoo does not seem so obvious. The proposals are in fact many, as well as those that lie ahead as revolutionary innovations in the industry, but the truth is that the best way to choose the right shampoo is to evaluate the type of hair you have and act accordingly.

Only the right formulation , in fact, allow the hair to regain and maintain a balance between fat and dry, between natural protective barriers and cleaning, to be healthy, in order and to us not having to wash too frequently, spoiling for another the crown.

Shampoo for normal hair . Some people are so lucky (and help the fortune certainly even with a healthy diet, hydration, and protection) to have your hair with a fair balance between oily and dry, between kinky and up. In this case, just a fair contribution of conditioning agents and detergents .

Shampoo for oily hair . An excess sebum or a heaviness caused by styling products such as for example the wax may leave a greasy residue on the scalp and hair that requires a specific formula for removal. The best shampoo for greasy hair have a very short list of ingredients (for not more aggravate the situation), often contain l ‘ salicylic acid which breaks down the production of sebum from the scalp, using detergents in the formulation as the sulfates for remove dirt and excess oil.

Shampoo for fine hair . The key to strengthening hair too fine and therefore break easily is to buy a product containing polymers such as “quit” (eg polyquaternium 7 or 10), to make your hair thicker, soft and easy. Profits also shampoos that contain elements that can create a protective film on the hair, such as protein Hydrolyzed Wheat , perfect if you want to avoid the use of silicones.

Shampoo for curly hair to tame an unruly mane, you need a high level of conditioning agents that restore softness and hydration. In this case, the series of new products called “discipline-urchins” offers this mix of benefits, thanks to the combination of Pro-keratin and elastin hydrolyzed . A little ‘ delicate surface , then, help to remove dirt. These products rehydrate curly, keeps the cuticle of the hair healthy and adhering to the surface, fighting frizz.


Pregnant Blake Lively the most beautiful look

Pregnant Blake Lively: the most beautiful look

Pregnant Blake Lively the most beautiful look
During his career, especially in the most important social occasions, Blake Lively has given proof of his taste in style and fashion, rarely making false steps: the feature that is certainly no less now that is pregnant with the second child by her husband, colleague Ryan Reynolds. A few months ago, in fact, the couple announced the arrival of a second child in the family, which will soon make the small company James, born in December 2015.

Despite pregnancy, however, Blake does not renounce to work commitments : the actress is currently working, in fact, with the promotional tour for his film The Shallows , which last week saw her move to the Big Apple, with some wearing stunning outfits, like the long dress in shades of yellow signed Jenny Packham , paired with a denim jacket and shoes Louboutin cork and colorful details, or the mini dress in the nude tones lace signed Elie Saab Haute Couture worn during his hosted the Today Show and combined with bag Louboutin sandal with heel and Stuart Weitzman in ice tones.

Definitely stunning it is also the electric blue dress chosen at its hosted at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: signed Cushnie et Ochs has allowed the actress to show off her curves combining of maternity wear cleavage Louboutin and jewelry Lorraine Schwartz.

It seems, then, that the great sense of fashion will accompany the second pregnancy of Blake Lively: speaks for even the dress worn at the New York premiere of The Shallows. Signed Carolina Herrera, the creation has not highlighted in particular the actress forms but certainly did not go unnoticed thanks to the fluffy tulle skirt with applique blocks that pick up the shiny top our town. Much more aggressive and sensual outfits in which the ‘ actress paired a pair of simple sandals blacks and a beauty look sharper and focused especially on the eyes.

Soon after, the party of the film, Lively has changed quickly dress and wore a skirt signed David Koma – Resort collection 2018 – combined with a skintight body that completed the look total black.

Many, many important events he attended in recent months the former Serena in Gossip Girl – and now established actress in Hollywood – including the Met Gala 2017 2018 : during the elegant evening held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City during last May, the actress wore a creation by Burberry showed that the first forms – even timid – of her pregnancy. A creation which undoubtedly highlighted the curves and the statuesque actress in organza and chiffon peach and sweetheart neckline.

Its forms, however, have begun to be more evident a few weeks later, on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival: last May, in fact, Blake showing that every mother should not give up the most stylish outfit – even sexy – for because of their curves in constant change. On the occasion of the French festival, in fact, the actress showed off her great elegance opting for some very stunning outfits, like the dress with mermaid cut worn at the premiere of Café Society Woody Allen. Signed Versace, he has allowed the actress to play with transparencies and geometric cuts brilliant, showing every single curve.

The fashion house Versace was also creating the choice on the occasion of the premiere of The BFG ( The Big Giant Dear Steven Spielberg), with softer silhouettes and a very deep shade of blue, to showcase not only his tummy but even her stunning legs.

These, however, are not the only outfit that made their mark during the week in which we held the festival: just think of the jumpsuit with long trousers worn during the photocall on the Croisette for Café Society , in the deep red tones and signed Chanel or princely dress sported at the red carpet for the premiere of Ma route (Bruno Dumont), signed Vivienne Westwood Couture , with fluffy skirt and precious details on the top, all in candy shades of blue.

Not only tight or princely clothes: Always during the film festival, this time at the first of The Shallows, the actress wore a mini dress signed Giambattista Valli with white skirt and top in shades of lilac embellished with small diamonds and applique cape Sur ton.

Prince George and Charlotte steal the show with Kate Middleton and Queen

Prince George and Charlotte steal the show with Kate Middleton and Queen

Prince George and Charlotte steal the show with Kate Middleton and Queen

Other than the day dedicated to celebrating the 90 years of the Queen: Elizabeth II is that Kate Middleton, usually in the spotlight, have literally been obscured by the presence on the balcony of Buckingham Palace of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

At the annual parade Trooping of the Colour, which officially celebrates the Queen’s birthday (even though the actual day of his birth is April 21), the entire royal family has in fact deployed on the large balcony of the palace to witness the deployment of forces order who paid tribute to the queen, tricolor arrows included (just like ours, but with colored stripes of red, white and blue).

Of course the queen did not go unnoticed, wearing dress-coat by Stewart Parvin and hat coordinated signed Rachel Trevor Morgan of a very heated green, almost fluorescent, however, for the Princess Charlotte this was the first appearance at the balcony , so the looks were captured from small in the arms of Kate Middleton, curious looks also to find out how to proceed growth last arrived among the Dukes of Cambridge. Charlotte initially seemed disturbed by the noise and bustle, but was immediately reassured thanks to Mother’s attention.

Prince George, of course, could not be outdone in attracting the spotlight on himself: His lively character has reappeared more than ever on this occasion. Like any boy of his age (turns three next month), George was not still for a moment: Dad William the daunting task of keeping the little away from the railing, from which it was drawn inexorably. The prince, then, he spent much time with the “nose” to watch the planes, of which he is a big fan and which possesses many toy models.

On the balcony with them Prince Andrew and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, who look for their time – after criticism that mercilessly likened to Kate Middleton – chose sober suits giving whimsy only dramatic hats; Prince Edward and his wife Sophie and their children Louise and James, Princess Anne and her children Peter and Zara, as well as other members of the large family . For the record, as they say on these occasions, Kate Middleton has as always flirted with perfection already seen Alexander McQueen gown-white coat and hat with big flower super glamorous Philip Treacy.

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10 functional foods that are good for health

10 functional foods that are good for health

10 functional foods that are good for health

functional foods To take care of your well-being the first step is to pay attention to what they bring to the table, learning to give priority to functional foods that are good for health.

In recent years, that of a healthy lifestyle, focusing primarily on good eating habits, has become a topic of primary interest about scientific studies confirm that eating well helps to keep the body healthy and provide the daily energy needed for the good functioning of the body.

Some foods are in particular so-called “functional” precisely because they contain valuable substances for the body because they are able to cooperate in a positive way to its operation.

But what really are the foods that are good for health and how to orient themselves in choosing the best?

Today more help arrives from Coop that has enriched its line Bene.sì adding just a special category dedicated to functional foods: you recognize from the box with purple shading and all those foods fortified with ingredients capable of performing an action beneficial specific label. A quick and easy way to choose healthy foods and also to learn what are the functional properties of the different substances.

If you have decided to focus on eating whole health, then here are the 10 foods that can not miss on the table.

1 Yogurt . A precious ally for your health because it is rich in lactic acid bacteria can restore the intestinal flora. What is the yogurt to be preferred? Surely those probiotics that can give life to micro-organisms that help the formation of intestinal flora endangered by the action of antibiotics and beyond.

2Fruit . It’s common knowledge that consuming several servings of fruit a day is good for the body. Fruit offers valuable substances such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The avocado, for example, is a fruit very healthy because it is rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber and also plays an important action to adjust the levels of bad cholesterol. If you are looking also for a practical product to be consumed without sacrificing the beneficial effects of fruit, point to a drink. That proposed by Bene.sì online Coop, made of apricot, orange and peach are ideal for those who want to stock up on fiber.

3Tomatoes . The classic tomato salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil is the best side dish for the table in the summer. The tomato fact contains minerals, vitamins and organic acids capable of promoting digestion.

4Walnuts and almonds. For a healthy snack and energy during the day, it is good to opt for dried fruit. The almonds, for example, are rich in protein, vitamin E, and minerals, while walnuts are a calcium reserves, iron, phosphorus and folic acid. Both help to reduce cholesterol levels of “bad”.

5Cereals . Even the cereal should always be present at the table. Oats in particular, as well as being high in fiber, it helps regulate sugar levels in the blood and fights bad cholesterol. The tasty and healthy idea for breakfast, then, may be to focus on biscuits made with oatmeal.

6Crescenza . A fresh and tasty cheese that generally puts in a bit ‘all agreed, children included. But the growth is not only good but also very healthy because it is rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus. The lightest? In the light version of the Coop Bene.sì line.

7Soybeans . Help reduce cholesterol, regulates the sense of hunger and even improves the functioning of the metabolism. Soy is a true elixir of health because it contains a substance, lecithin, which prevents the cholesterol present in the blood to deposit on the walls of the arteries. Not to mention that it is also a valuable source of vitamins and minerals like iron and potassium.

8Broccoli . Among the vegetables for the table, in the winter to recharge your health, there is definitely broccoli, boasting even anticancer properties. They are also a source of fiber, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

9Anchovies . They cost very little and yet they are the most famous example of this blue fish much celebrated by the Mediterranean diet. They are rich in protein, omega 3, calcium, iron, and phosphorus and preserve our body from the risk of cardiovascular disease.

10Lentils . They serve to counteract the aging but may offer an important help also in cases of diabetes and anemia. Lentils are rich in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

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Do Haircuts Make You Look Better

Haircuts summer 2017 2018: the top 5 to do

Do Haircuts Make You Look BetterEvery season has its trend in terms of haircuts and 2017 2018 summer we have already identified some. On the other hand, you know, when there is a change in view, which is of life or season, a new hair look is always appropriate. Most of the time we do advise by our trusted hairdresser, who knows (or should know) what are the cuts that combine better with our face and features. This does not mean that some input can not even come from the trend.

Bob asymmetric and/or frayed. It is a few seasons that women are opting for a long bob, the happy medium for those who want to give it a rest without exaggeration and remain very feminine. The advice, given that in the summer you want to be cheeky, is to do asymmetric and/or frayed.

Wob short. For those who have not yet very familiar with the new vocabulary of the hairstylist, the web is the movie version of the bob. A cut that has long since conquered Hollywood stars and who, consequently, is beginning to be imitated by women “common.” A tip: try to take it short.
Average cut climbed. If you do not feel you have hair too short, betting on a medium cut, preferably climbed, which is much fresher and youthful. In this case, you can choose to take them both smooth and corrugated.

Cut climbed long and messy. If you feel especially rock and want to surprise everyone with “special effects” you can go to your hairdresser and ask him to keep the length of the hair, but scalar lies then giving a touch of Defiant Disorder. And if you also want to add a color change, perhaps daring, you will have completed the work.

Bob with bangs. If you are not types who like challenges and risks on their own hair, you can stay on a classic but continues to be in fashion, which is a nice headband (medium or short) with fringe.
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