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All New Look Season Hair Color Trends 2017 2018

All New Look Season Hair Color Trends 2017 2018

All New Look Season Hair Color Trends 2017 2018

Hair as a sun-kissed or pastel shades romantic? We present the main trends for the hair color of the new year!

After showing what will be the fashion colors 2017 2018, rose quartz and blue serenity, we can not tell you about the new hair trends for the new year!

Yes, after shush and tie-dye hair is the time to try new shades with which to brighten your look. Below we show the main look of the new season:

The bronde

Does Bronde Hair Dye Work

Stoves of status? Try the bronde! A mix between blond and brown that will enhance the color of your hair! Perfect for women from the Mediterranean complexion, the bronde, with its warm hues, make your brown cheaper off and lighter, while blondes will have a more decided and full color. Depending on the effect you can opt for shades that more or less light damage to your hair, as the bronde caramel, sand, honey or cinnamon.

The strobing Hair

Strobing Hair Style

It follows the bronde but it is much more subjective! Yes, because the strobing hair gives light to the areas of your hair, which of course are affected by the sun, according to the study of your face and the parts to be illuminated or to hide. By lightening and darkening the strands along the length and at certain strategic points, you will get a perfect effect of three-dimensionality. Depending on the shape of the face and hair of the features each has a different hue, which explains why the strobing hair is not similar either to sunburn or to the famous sweeping.

Rainbow Hair

How To Do Rainbow Hair Highlights

From the roots to the tips this year on your hair will shine the rainbow! Let yourself be overwhelmed by the phenomenon of strong of the moment that will lead you to have strands multicolor, green, pink, yellow, blue, etc. On the web already I have a wealth of fashion icons that show off this new trend. Who is right? It depends, to anyone who has the courage and a touch of daring in the show it off.

Hair Color Pastel

How To Color Hair Pastel Pink

The rose quartz and the ‘ blue serenity are the main colors of 2017 2018 and not just on clothes but also the hair. Do yourself be captivated by these two new colors that somehow we have marked in our childhood, just think of the cartoon of the 80s such as Jem and the Holograms, Sailor Moon, Amy Magic, Kiss Me Licia, Mole. From pink pop, you can easily opt for gold rose decidedly romantic or for strawberry roses, perfect for blondes, brunettes, and red. Among the colors extra pastel of 2017 2018, we include the purple and blue-gray, suitable only for the most courageous and punk inside.

Glitter Mania

How To Apply Nyx Glitter Mania

Not only on the eyes, the glitter confirmed the new trend of the year, even by the hair. The new fashion dictates to apply glitter, of every shape and color directly on the hair roots also to cover regrowth! But how to apply? Arm yourself with gel that you are going to roll out on the area to illuminate and then add the glitter of your choice. A veritable ode to the 90s this new craze may be limited to the middle line or the one you prefer; you can also opt for combinations tone on tone or contrasting. Are you ready to shine?


Colors For Colored Hair Colorist By L’Oreal Paris

COLORS FOR COLORED HAIR COLORIST BY L'ORÉAL PARISChange your style with new colors for Colorist Hair L’Oreal Paris! Find a wide range of vibrant and pastel shades.
Do you want to change your style with a touch all fashion? Now with new colors for hair, Coloriste of L’Oreal Paris , all this is possible!

We speak of a new generation of products available in sizes spray or cream from the temporary or permanent duration , with which you can make your hair look the coolest.

The entire new line is available online at Amazon , and from January will be on sale in all supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialty stores.

But look good in detail the latest innovation for your hair signed L’Oreal Paris .

L’Oreal Colorist Spray 1-Day

The sprays Colorist 1-Day color your hair in an instant and last temporary . The color micro pigments contained in the formula give the look in the shade of your choice, quickly, without sticking and without weighing down hair. They are suitable for any type of hair for a different look every day!

Once you raised your trendy hair just use a shampoo any to return to your original look. As colors you can choose from a wide range of shades: pink, gray, lavender, mint, pastel blue, pink and turquoise.

Video Tutorial: How to Apply the new spray Colorist 1-Day

Washout Colorist – Coloring Temporary

L’Oreal Paris presents the new color in cream Colorist Washout , temporary and the formula without ammonia and oxidants. It works like a mask nutritious, coloring your hair in a gentle way and leaving it soft.

Its effect lasts from 2 to 15 washes, of course depending on the color, and instrumental tests show that the product may last more about the blond hair.

You can choose between shades Pastel or Vivid depending on your base: Blondes may opt either for some than for others, but brunettes get the maximum result with Vivid colors, unless you decide to clear before the hair.

Video Tutorial by L’Oréal Paris for Washout Coloriste

Colorist Paint L’Oreal Paris – Coloration Permanente

Let yourself be conquered by the new permanent stains Colorist Paint of L’Oreal Paris. Thanks to the formula gels from pure pigments, the result is a rich hues and intense color. Its application is easy with the DIY kit with a brush that favors large pinch of product and the ability to apply it in a personalized way.

You can create an effect undone by applying the new Colorist Paint over the entire head of hair or create a gradient effect. In the gallery, here at the top, we show the 8 shades available.

Colorist Paint Tutorial

Whitening Kit Colourist for L’Oréal Paris

The novelty Colorist also includes bleaching kit to obtain a discoloration complete the entire hair, ombré limited to the tips or balayage for sun natural effect shots. All kits come with DIY-brush applicator and post treatment coloration to deeply nourish your hair. But let’s see in detail one by one:

L’Oreal Colorist Bleach, Bleaching Oil for Lightening Complete

'Oréal Paris

Colorist Bleach allows you to bleach your hair without damaging it, thanks to oil formula without ammonia. Once bleached can have fun coloring them with new Washout. for a lively and youthful look!

L’Oreal Colorist shadows – Clarifying Gradual

'Oreal Colorist shadows - Clarifying GradualTo lighten your hair tips used the new Colorist shadows , the finish is a bright shade! The resulting base is perfect for new Washout temporary colors. Have fun creating vibrant and trendy look.

‘Oreal Colorist Balayage – Shots Sun

'Oreal Colorist Balayage - Shots Sun

The new Colorist Balayage allows you to create highlights from the very natural finish. The kit includes a brush-applicator ensures easy application and fast. If you want to give a cool touch to your look, once you obtained your streaks, color them with new Colorist Washout!


How to last longer for the dye hair in summer

How to last longer for the dye hair in summer

How to last longer for the dye hair in summer

About color their dye hair, to the need to cover the white ones or the desire to change, she knows that the dyed hair in summer and winter does not last, and sees with horror the arrival of warm weather for this.

L ‘ exposure to the sun and elements like chlorine and salt water, in fact, is inevitably fade the color, and in a short time, we meet with the head of a completely different color than the one with which it outputs to the hairdresser dyed fresh.

For this, we have gathered all the best tips on how to last longer the dyed hair in summer.

Moisturizing treatment before the dye. A week before setting foot to the hairdresser devote yourself to your hair with a moisturizing and nourishing mask, so that the arrivals hair in perfect shape to the appointment. L ‘ alternative DIY is a coconut oil mask that helps to seal the cuticle.

Water purifier for the shower. While this investment will cost between 20 and 60 Euros, buy a water purifier filter for the shower will allow you to rinse hair with pure water and to prevent the minerals in the water from changing the color of the tint.

Shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Be sure to use shampoo and conditioner (and all products in general) specific for colored hair: in fact, contain special ingredients to protect and maintain long live the color.

Cold water for washing. If you can stand the cold spray wash your hair well, alternatively made washing with warm water (never hot or boiling) and do the final rinse with cold water to close the cuticles and protect the hair and color from the elements.

Solar hair. Just like your skin, your hair also needs a sun protection against UV rays, especially if colored: use the solar special on the hair when you expose yourself to the sun, renewing the application after bathing if you are at sea.

Protection from chlorine. Chlorine is one of the great enemies of the hue, and since I resist the lure of the pool in the summer is impossible to have to protect your hair, especially blonde ones that could turn even the green discoloring. You can switch coconut oil before bath, or of specific products, created for regular swimming, as the barrier cream.

Hair mask once a week. Finally, to keep the color, the hair must always remain hydrated and well fed. Take care of them once a week with a mask, to reduce the possibility of breakage and enhance the gloss: in the market if they also include mono-doses practices, suitable for all types of hair.

Top Masks For Hair With Yogurt

Top Masks For Hair

When you’re sitting at home and you have a free minute, a sin not to take advantage of her, and spend that time to good use. Your attention we offer top-masks with yogurt for hair, one of the most popular and publicly available tools for hair care.

I would like a little pozanudnichat, and talk about why still yogurt such a fantastic product. All lies in its composition because there are so many useful elements (vitamins A, B, C and E, potassium, fiber, magnesium, calcium). So imagine what a gift you present to your hair.

Just think how much yogurt versatile product. Firstly, kefir can be used to wash your hair, as long as your hair, not too dirty. Second, the yogurt should be “prepared”, so leave him the necessary amount on the table for a couple of hours. Further, in the third, it is necessary to insulate the head, can be used for this cap, a warm scarf or shawl, or a normal package, which is always at hand. Fourth – if you have oily hair, then buy low fat yogurt itself, and if dry, then vice versa.

So let’s see what are the mask with yogurt:

The Simplest Kefir Mask

The simplest kefir mask

Lubricate yogurt roots through the hair, then takes cover with plastic head, and for an hour keeping the mask. We wash it with shampoo as when shampooing. If you use such a light mask on a regular basis, then you will soon be surprised at what your hair become soft and silky.

Hair Mask On Yogurt With The Addition Off Egg Yolk

Pour a half cup of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of castor oil (or burdock) and add 1 egg yolk. Mix and apply on hair, cover the cap. An hour later, rinse. The effect does not take long, hair texture becomes silky and pleasant to the touch.

The Mask Of Yogurt And Eggs

If once a week to make a mask with yogurt and egg, then the effect is not long to wait. This mask moisturizes the hair, helps to restore the structure of hair. The recipe is as simple: mix 200 ml of yogurt, 1 egg, and cover the hair cap shower (or plastic bag) and wrap a towel. Time using a mask – 35 minutes.

Apply the mask should be on clean, damp hair.

Mask With Yogurt And Hony

Mask with yogurt and honey

Take 100 ml of yogurt, 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 quail eggs. All properly mix. Before applying make sure to stir again as it should, and spread over the entire length of hair. Insulate and rinse with warm water and shampoo.

What is the effect? It helps increase the volume of the natural root.

Kefir Mask With Yeast

does not matter

It is worth paying attention to those women who are faced with the problem of poor hair growth. But believe me, the combination of yogurt, honey, and yeast as it should stimulate the growth of your hair.

Mix a half cup of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey, add 20 grams of yeast. When the yeast “make them known”, the mask should be applied to the head and carefully rub. Walking is, putting on a shower cap and wrapped head with a towel. After half an hour rinse with warm water using shampoo.

TIP: To achieve the perfect effect ten days, it is necessary to carry out the procedure in a row!

For Dry Hair Mask

for dry hair mask

It is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 3 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 egg yolk. Apply the mask to be sure the entire length of their hair. After one hour wash with warm water shampoo.

Mask For Oily Hair

Mask for oily hair

For such a mask will need one tablespoon of dry mustard, 150 ml of yogurt, 1 teaspoon almond oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, a few drops of lemon and 1 egg yolk. All mix thoroughly and apply the resulting mask on your hair. Put on a shower cap and keep it for about 30 minutes. Washed off using warm water shampoo.

What Do You Know About Hair Oils?

What Do You Know About Hair Oils?

Do You Know About Hair Oils

Not there is no single doubt about the fact that every girl wants her hair oils was beautiful, well-groomed, shiny and fascinating. There are many ways of hair care products, but right now I would like to focus on hair oils.

What in general is a hair oil? This is one of the best ways to strengthen the hair structure and their recovery.

Sunflower oil (always at hand)

The Main Rules Of Hair Oils:

  • Make a head massage, do not be afraid to apply oil on the scalp and carefully rub your hair does not become fatter!
  • If your type of hair greasy – use the oil once a week, do not overdo it, otherwise the hair otyazheleyut.
  • Study the composition of the oil when buying very carefully, the oil must be pure.
  • Do not choose the oil, the smell is annoying you, or do not like. If you choose a scent that appeals to you, you get to relax and enjoy the process.
  • To make it easier to wash off the oil, you can add a little mustard or the chicken egg yolk.
  • This creates Thermo effect, and easier for you to process.

Focus your attention on what are the different types of hair oils, Oils are divided into three subtypes: fatty oils, bold and dry.

Fatty oils (for women with dry hair type)

Fatty oils (for women with dry hair type),.

Advantages: With this oil you get a double moisturizing.

Castor oil

Application: Hair wraps castor oil or classical mask.

The composition of the mask utterly simple: a teaspoon of castor oil and half a glass of kefir.

What to expect: strengthening hair, activating hair growth, an increase in density, elimination of dandruff.

Shea Butter

Application: Apply on the scalp, or add a few drops to your shampoo.

Advantage: perfectly absorbed into the skin of the head, does not clog pores, no greasy residue.

What to expect: a natural shine, hair protection against breakage.

Bold oil (for normal hair)

Bold oil (for normal hair)

avocado oil

Application: mix two types of oil (a teaspoon) – Jojoba and avocado, carefully rub into the scalp.

What to expect: the restoration of damaged hair, strengthening the tips, strengthening hair roots, improving scalp.

Sunflower oil (always at hand)

Application: two tablespoons of oil, a tablespoon of honey and one small onion, distribute on the scalp

What to expect: hair growth, thickness, healthy shine, as hair protection from the cold in the winter.

Sweet almond oil

Application: Mix a few drops of orange, tangerine and jojoba oil, rub the head and spread over the length of the hair.

What to expect: abundant moisture and protect hair from the harmful effects of cosmetic products such as gels, varnishes, promotes hair growth.

Dry oil (for all hair types)

Dry oil (for all hair types)

coconut oil

Application: can be used in pure form, spread on the scalp.

What to expect: increasing the volume of hair, the hair will become shiny.

Grape (grape seed)

Application: Apply to clean and dry your hair, rub into the scalp, distribute through the hair, wear a hat to Thermo effect.

What to expect: strengthening the hair follicles, getting rid of dandruff, stimulates hair growth.

There are also universal oils that will suit absolutely any type of hair and does not make use of regret.

Burr oil

Application: mix two teaspoons of honey, two teaspoons of butter and two egg yolks.

What to expect: the elimination of dandruff, relief from itching and irritation of the skin of the head, the restoration of the structure of hair, shine and elasticity.

Olive oil

Application: Apply on the hair in the form of heat, to create a thermal effect

What to expect: The content of vitamins A and E in the oil, the recovery bulbs and hair structure, the head of the purification omer Zev Shih cells halt hair loss.

Linseed oil

Application: heat in a water bath to 37 degrees, rub into the scalp massage, gently comb through to distribute the strands, wrap a warm towel head. This oil should be kept mine hours.

What to expect: the structure of the restoration and revitalization of hair growth, getting rid of brittle, dandruff.

The universal advice: all oil should stay on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

safe diet plan for weight loss

Effective And Safe Diet

Effective And Safe Diet

Each of us at some point in their life starts to think that it’s time to pull yourself together and start losing weight.

Today I would like to share a list of effective and safe diet that will help you say goodbye forever to the excess weight!

We all want everything at once, and as a result, it leads to the popular will: lose weight as much as possible and as quickly as possible. But at heart, we understand that it is wrong and harmful to a minimum.

It should be remembered that any safe diet must be accompanied by physical exertion. We need to burn more calories than consumed.

Counting Calories

One of the most popular types of weight loss is a diet based on calorie counting.

Its purpose is to continuously calculate the calorie content of food eaten.

safe diet advantage is that you need not limit yourself to choosing food. You can have whatever your heart desires, but most importantly, to comply with the limit on the number of calories.

For women who want to lose weight, daily intake is 1500 calories. If necessary, use is allowed to reduce to 1200 calories per day.

Minus 60

Minus 60

Another diet that names system “minus 60”.

Catherine Mirimanova invented it because she is the author of the bestseller “The system of minus 60 or my magic weight loss” slimming.System Catherine checked on her, and for a year, she lost 60 kg. Advantage diet that banned products are not here, and give up what you love you, too, do not need to.


Food intake is divided into three times, but no snacks. Allowed to drink coffee and tea. Sugar should be replaced with fructose. Portions should be about the same and small in volume.

Eat sweets, baked goods before noon. The last meal is necessary to carry out five hours before bedtime. So you move a couple of weeks to get used to this regime.



Many have heard this strange name “Butch” deciphered it as a protein-carbohydrate alternation. such a power supply system allows not only to get rid of extra kilos but to maintain this effect for a long time. The essence of the safe diet is the alternation of the protein and carbohydrate foods.

1 and 2 – protein days

3 – carbohydrate day

4 – protein-carbohydrate day.

Diet 6 petals

Diet 6 petals

This safe diet has created a Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson. Diet has more to do with psychology than with losing weight. It works imaging principle.

Draw the six petals and everyday diet tear off one by one.

Diet is also called mono-diet, and in fact, this is an elementary respect for separate power supply.

If you use any one product, then be careful, eat those product family, which are listed on your lobe (not align, for example, meat and potatoes), as alternate proteins and carbohydrates!

Diet 90 Day

Another well-known diet called “Diet 90 days” and as the name suggests, lasts for three types of meat.But really quite simple – it is a separate food. this type of diet can easily lose up to 20-25 kg in three months!

The diet involves three meals a day:

  • Breakfast to 12-00 eats complex carbohydrates (cereals)
  • Lunch (some protein product)
  • Dinner to 20-00.
  • And of course, snacks (nuts, fruits)
  • Recommendations: drink at least two liters of water a day. Do not limit yourself to food too much,
  • there is a little thing, but chaste.Alcohol strictly prohibited.

Every fifth day, you repeat the diet again. And every 29th day – the discharge, you need to drink only water.

Well, ladies, there are many diets that can help get rid of extra kilograms, but in addition, we conducted a survey and made a compilation of the five most effective and safe diet, there are a couple tips for last.

Before you decide to sit down and keep to a safe diet, do not take the money and time, consult a nutritionist.
When the process has begun, and you have already lost weight to as much as like, do not think that you can now eat donuts, cakes and drink all this juice, soda! Your diet – your lifestyle!

formal pixie hairstyles

In short, fast, stylish: trendy hairstyles for short hair

In short, fast, stylish

Butch – is a great way to get rid of unnecessary fuss with everyday styling. But this does not mean that now your shorn locks may be limited to one or two versions of the images. Make Trendy hairstyles for short hair can be in dozens of different variations. It is only necessary to follow the advice of trendy hairstyles for short hairdressers and do not be afraid to experiment!

Quick hairstyles for short hair

Express installation for short haircuts will help to fully realize your character using only the most common styling, and hair dryer.

Dry clean damp curls with a hair dryer, but not completely. On the fingertips, apply a bit of modeling styling and place locks in the desired direction. Particularly impressive image will look with a deliberately carelessly the results, drying up already laid locks until the end of a hairdryer and sprinkled their locking varnish. Naughty, unusual, trendy image – ready!

short african american wigs

short wig styles

short human hair wigs

short hairstyles wigs

Slightly dried clean damp hair dryer and put on some special tips of mousse. Then put locks round brush, pulling the ends in the right direction, and fixing their hot-air dryer. The finished result sprinkled with a small amount of spray.

short wigs with bangs

short african american wigs

dark brown medium hair

Owners ultra fashionable haircut “Garson” hair stylists recommend the following version of fast styling. We share the locks on the side parting and attach to the top of the volume, curls comb at the roots and gently put them special thin comb. The side locks and remove the ears laid bangs. Making hairstyle interesting texture and secure it will gel or wax strong hold.

medium dark brown hair color

short length hair

short hair wigs with bangs

very short wigs

Effectively looks “business” installation, where all the strands are removed from the forehead back and fixed gel.Just do not overdo it! – This hairstyle should not look too “sleek”, and her hair – glued and unkempt.

easy hairstyles for short hair to do at home

cute hairstyles for short curly hair

short human hair wigs uk

Voluminous hairstyles for short hair

Leading Hair stylists offer their pilings interesting options for short haircuts, which are very easy to repeat, and at home.

For, trend “bean” with a long fringe masters recommend “try on” a stylish and at the same time, simple installation. Apply to damp hair washed some lotion for styling and zacheshite strands back using a comb with large teeth. Apply a little mousse to add volume at the roots and spread it on the entire length of the strands. Slightly dried curls hair dryer at a maximum speed of hot air. Then, divide the strands into four zones: 2 temporal, occipital and frontal. Getting to dry hair from the back, then – pulling and beautifully laid with side locks. Create volume at the crown, dried bangs, combed back hair with the help of the same round brush. Fix the styling, slightly vzbryznuv means for fixing.

Short and mischievous haircut “Pixie” also can be placed in several ways. Dries clean, damp hair dryer, giving the desired direction strands and lifting the roots at the crown to give the desired volume. Pulling tips utjuzhkom rectifier. To fix the volume using a special powder. We form the strands with your fingertips and we fix her hair lacquer strong fixation. To create fashionable asymmetries remove the hair with one hand behind her ear, combing the strands have the crown in the opposite direction.

Evening hairstyles for short hair

Interesting crown of braids or harness can be made even shorter strands. Such an option will look unusual and smart as soiree, and the friendly gatherings in a favorite coffee shop.

Divide hair parted on the side and start twisting their bundles on each side, moving from the top to the back and joined the new hair strands. We fix the wiring at the back invisible. Remaining at the back and tighten the loose strands in bundles and fix them crosswise hide inside tips. To create the effect of careless chic Spread gently bundles, making them freer to vybivshimisya casually strands. We fix spray the finished result.

The same option, but more complex, it involves weaving the braid around the head of unusual or “spikelets”.

formal hairstyles for shoulder length hair

formal pixie hairstyles

formal hairstyles for short hair pictures

formal short hairstyles for weddings

formal hairstyles for short hair tutorials

Trendy hairstyle in the Greek style – also easy and affordable for owners of stylish short haircuts. To create an image a la “the beauty of ancient Greece” to create volume at the crown, and the ends curled in ringlets or laid strands to your liking. Finish the haircut interesting accessory – tiara, ribbon, hoop, etc.

black hairstyles for prom 2016

prom hairstyles for black hair 2016

prom hairstyles with weave 2016

prom hairstyles 2016

african american updo hairstyles 2016

Elixir Ultime Series is based on the precious nourishing oils

What’s New winter hair care products from Kerastase Elixir Ultime

 hair care products from Kerastase Elixir Ultime

The famous French brand hair care products from Kerastase has developed a revolutionary new product for hair care products from Kerastase during the cold season. “Oil” line of Elixir Ultime supplemented by several means of beauty, among them – nourishing lotion for fine hair, enriched with camellia oil, argan and corn kernels. The product nourishes and protects the hair, without weighing it down.

Winter novelty from Kerastase - for owners of fine hair

In addition to the winter issue of new products, Kerastase decided to “reset” symbolic means of a series of Elixir Ultime. This is – pure oil for the hair, placed in the famous glass bottles with a convenient dispenser. Among them – the legendary oil for colored hair with an extract of the imperial tea, universal oil, suitable for all hair types, and the lightest two-phase oil-mist for thin and damaged hair, feed them throughout the length of the strands and give extra volume and strength. Buy products updated “oil” series Elixir Ultime will be in December.

Symbolic means Kerastase few changed their appearance

Elixir Ultime Series is based on the precious nourishing oils

Elixir Ultime by Kerastase - this food, protection and healthy hair shine

Double braid hair tutorial

6 variants of weaving braids on medium hair

weaving braids on medium hair

For several years, the spit at the peak of popularity. Volume and delicate, thin and wide weaving good as on every day, and as the evening laying. Do not think that only the luxury long braids on medium haired girl “fish tails” and “spikelets”. Even a shortcut you can decorate elements of weaving, much-elongated squares give almost unlimited scope for imagination. We offer several options for medium hair braid, braids on medium hair that easily at home.

Spit on medium hair: photos and diagrams of weaving

A variety of hairstyles based on quads extremely popular in recent years. They look stylish and do not require special care and styling skills. We invite you to learn a few techniques to weave a square.

Greek Spit

Such stacking is not a slash, in the full sense of the word, not the strands are intertwined with each other, and turn around the tape or rim. However, the hairstyle looks impressive, besides it is always possible to supplement the bright and festive accessories.

The basic version of the Greek Spit requires only the elastic band to match her hair, curling irons, and a pair of invisible paint.

Step-by-step instruction

Twist strands curling irons to give them volume pay special attention to those that are located around the face.
Put on the head of gum.
Highlight small strands, twist them in the flagella and wrap around the rim. Do this first on one side of the head, then the other.
On the back of the head, hair is invisible secure and lock varnish.

Spit on medium hair: photos and diagrams of weaving

Spit on the diagonal

It is interesting to look styling, which acts as a pigtail rim, holding the loose hair. To braid diagonally require skill, but after two or three training sessions will be familiar styling.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Comb your hair into a side parting.
  2. From it, highlight the one hand three parallel strands. Start twisting them together.
  3. Gradually pick up a piece of hair. To spit was on the diagonal, just add them to the uppermost
  4. strand.
  5. Tail secure erase and hide using stealth.
  6. If you want to make a braid and lace volume, it was not originally whipping her too tight, and in
  7. the end a little stretch strands hands.

Comb your hair into a side parting.

Evening hairstyle from Kos

Evening hairstyle will suit a girl with long hair to the base of the neck. Is very easy, most importantly, to be able to weave the most usual braid.

Step-by-step instruction

Comb your hair and divide it into three parts.
Braid the three pigtails and fasten the ends with rubber bands.
Twist braid together so that the ends are hidden inside the beam. Spray varnish.

Comb your hair and divide it into three parts.

Weave to medium hair: photos and diagrams of the brain

If your hair reaches the base of the neck, then you can try to braid braids or create a combination installation, including weaving and beam.

The double braid

To hairstyle looked more elegant, we recommend pre-curl hair with a curling average diameter. You should get an easy careless wave.

Step-by-step instruction

Divide the total weight of the hair into 3 parts. Side locks clipped.
The central part of the comb and braid at the back in a tight plait. Fold it into a bundle.
Side locks braided in pigtails and ponytails hide inside the beam. Secure invisible.

The double braid

Danish braid

Danish brand got its name because it resembles a hair braiding women Vikings. It is good because it allows you to visually increase the amount and length of hair, and is suitable for everyday life, and for the publication. It’s easy to decorate using the colors, beautiful pins, and clamps.

Step-by-step instruction

Comb your hair and divide the side parting.
Begin to weave a braid on one side. Provide designated pick up one by one. When she reached the back of the head, tie a ponytail band.
Braid braid on the other side.
Behind you get tails braids and a small tuft of hair remaining nezapletennoy. Secure and her band.
Connect the tails together and hide them inside the hair, fixing the pin.

Double braid hair tutorial

Spit of flagella

This weaving is very simple, looks very original. You will need hair clips, pins, nail and iron are.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Comb your hair and straighten them cut juz KOM.
  2. Divide the entire mass into three parts. Note that the side partings should be smooth and symmetrical.
  3. Secure the hair on the sides of the clamps and a lock over her forehead lightly niche shite.
  4. Gently tighten the hair into a tight tourniquet. Free secure eraser tip.
  5. Remove the clip on the right side. Scroll lock of the side, twist the flagellum of it and attach a thick
  6. plant, we formed a central part of the hair.
  7. Carefully separate all the strands of hair on and tighten them in the same way.
  8. Remove the clip from the left side and repeat.
  9. A small ponytail at the nape hide under the hair and kill the invisible.
  10. Spray varnish for durability. You have turned the volume to medium hair braid.

double dutch braid

Elixir ultime oil Elixir ultime for damaged hair

New products Elixir Ultime: winter care with Kérastase

New products Elixir Ultime
Elixir Ultime review, Elixir Ultime Kerastase, Elixir Ultime oleo complex

Cold – not the best time for the perfect hairstyle: hair loose and disobedient. To solve this problem will help the concentrated oils of Elixir Ultime by winter care with kérastase. Popular beauty-funds gained new format in exquisite glass bottles are enclosed rich concentrates of precious oils for glare and winter care with kérastase restoration of curls.

The collection consists of three products – for normal, fine and colored hair. Unique recipe’s Skin series includes extracts of, camellia oil, Argan, corn and Pracaxi, as well as bio-complex molecules Intra-Cylane and omega acids to strengthen the damaged hair structure, deep basal diet and moisture sensitive.

Contrary to fears, not heavier saturated oil stain and curls – soft and silky texture provides instant absorption without greasy. In addition, the series concentrates Elixir Ultime offering thermal protection up to 230 degrees – that is necessary for the lovers express pilings hot dryer.

Elixir ultime ingredients
Elixir Ultime review, Elixir Ultime oil, Elixir Ultime ingredients
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Elixir Ultime ingredients, Elixir Ultime for damaged hair, Elixir Ultime for damaged hair
Elixir ultime oil Elixir ultime for damaged hair
Elixir Ultime ingredients, Elixir Ultime for damaged hair, Elixir ultimate for damaged hair, Elixir Ultime ingredients
Elixir ultime for damaged hair Elixir ultime ingredients
Elixir Ultime for damaged hair, Elixir Ultime ingredients, Elixir Ultime crème fine, Elixir Ultime oil