Decorations Nail DIY ideas and designs

Decorations Nail DIY: ideas and designs

Decorations Nail DIY ideas and designs

The nail art, Decorations NailĀ as if they were real works of art with the most varied designs, are becoming increasingly popular and even by us has now become a craze. To carry out these works of beautification is not necessarily need an expert, just a little ‘patience, practice, and a few ideas on designs that inspire for the good of nail decorations DIY.

New trends protagonists want the dark colors, a little ‘aggressive, by the dark spirit, why not play on those? Combine them with the animal that is a real must. Zebrato or spotted the important thing is that it is in the darkest shades, from black to burgundy through the marron glace. Decorations Nail your nails in this way, without much effort, you’ll have a result fashionable and flawless.

If you love red and you can not give it up you can just apply on some colored ball to have a really fun polka-dot effect. Use a fine-tipped brush and opt for contrasting color shades to give more prominence to your work. For the more experienced, by the same method, you can also create some fun flowers with five petals. In this case, it would be preferable to use a base of darker enamel to highlight your designs.

The lines are an evergreen, dare one using glitter or metallic nail not go unnoticed and make scintillating your hands. The most romantic will beautify your nails with hearts. Play with the size of reproducing never the same on ciascun’unghia, start from the middle and reduces the size of hearts in the next, the effect is assured. Even small hearts, perhaps at the side of the nail may be for you: just decorate a single finger to avoid too daze effect.

When you have taken a little ‘familiarity freehand and you’ll be more experienced, you might try your hand in the use of stencils and masks to create different designs. With a layering of colors and you realize the true works of art. An idea in more would be to use the glitter, maybe of different colors. Adoperateli on basic designs, less processed, to make them more intriguing but never on something complex, it risks too chaotic effect. Get yourself a glaze gold color, and a blue cobalt and started to paint a starry sky on your hands, the result will be impactful and you will be certain not to go unnoticed.

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