Eye makeup how to do it according to the shape

Eye makeup: how to do it according to the shape

Eye makeup how to do it according to the shape

The eye makeup is certainly an indispensable part of the makeup, both for special occasions or for everyday life: in addition to beautifying and color, however, the eye makeup can be made according to the shape to correct some small flaws and improve ‘general appearance, just like you do on the facial skin due to contouring with lands and concealers.

Hands up, in fact, the woman who is happy with the shape of their eyes: too small, with drooping eyelid, almost too large, there is always a reason to try to improve and – after all – if there is only the dance the makeup and not cosmetic surgery there are no contraindications.

Almond-shaped eyes . This is the type of eye more regular and, thus, more versatile. For the day, it is suggested to use a dull color but not clear on the eyelid, and an even darker shadow on the outer corner, using a brush to blend the point where the two colors meet. For the evening look, add a bright pencil with a line on the upper eyelid is between the lashes of the lower rim. Finish with mascara.

Round eyes . To make up the best round eyes the key is to apply the most lively part of the makeup on the upper lash line and the outer corners . Applied on fixed and mobile eyelid a clear eyeshadow illuminating, then roll out a dark eyeshadow on the eyelid and in the crease, finally stepped up the trick with a black eyeshadow further darkening the outer corner and intensifying the elongated effect. Finish with mascara.

Eyes with drooping eyelid . Draw a dark pencil line along the top edge of the eyelid, from inside to outside, it further away lightly with the stretch from the edge of the eyelid towards the end and taking it a bit ‘up. Pour brush the pencil and roll the eye shadow, one of a lighter type, inner corner of the eye, and one of a medium color on the outside. Finish with mascara only on the upper eyelid.

Small eyes . To enlarge small eyes thanks to the make-up used above all bright and vivid eye shadows , such as cream, pink, and gold, preferably pearlescent. A shadow of a darker tone goes well then faded at the outer corner of the eye. The fold of the eyelid is never crossed with eye shadow and brow goes illuminated with a vanilla-colored shimmer eye shadow. The pencil must be stretched only on the upper eyelid, from mid-eye onwards towards the outside. Finally open and elongated look with plenty of mascara especially on the upper lashes and outside.

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