Eye shadow wet look how it applies

Eye shadow wet look: how it applies + Can Eyeshadow Be Used As Blush

Eye shadow wet look how it applies

Eyeshadow wet look : how to apply? For some years, in fact, the eyeshadow wet it is very fashionable: the protagonist of photo shoots and fashion shows, the ‘ eyeshadow wet look is able to light up the eyes, makes the bold colors and intense and causes the eye is magnetic. Suitable especially for an evening look, eyeshadow wet effect also guarantees a longer duration.

Apply it in the right way is very easy: just follow these simple steps.

Choose the right eye shadow. Not all eye shadows are great for use when wet. The most suitable are the baked shadows , full of bright pigments, and those in free Olvera . In any case pay attention to the words that you find on the packaging: those suitable for obtaining the wet effect have the text ” wet and dry ” . Also, they have preferred very light colors that remind the water and the light or metallic. An alternative may be to use Vaseline or lip gloss for eyes.

Choose the right product to moisten the eye shadow. For the wet effect, you’ll have to make the eyeshadow appears wet. You can definitely use a little ‘of water, although a fixer for make-up in spray, a tonic (also in a spray) or an aloe gel are preferred.

Wet the brush. A mistake to avoid is to dip the eyeshadow directly: by doing so you are going to alter its formulation and the ruin. Moisten the brush and instead just taken a bit ‘of eye shadow, preferably from one corner of the pod.

Do not spread the wet eyeshadow. The recommended technique to be applied in the best eyeshadow wet look is tap it well only on the upper eyelid – especially in the middle – to adhere the color. We must be careful not to go too close to the eye folds to prevent the formation of truly unsightly color lines.

Used little makeup. Also ensure that you do not load too much, using lots of eye shadow. Once dry, in fact, begin to crumble and therefore well prevent it from falling on his face.
Wait a while ‘before you fade. Deglaze the wet freshly applied eye shadow will be quite difficult, so wait a moment with the’ eye closed prior to blur the eyeshadow.

If you are using gloss or Vaseline, not applied eye shadow. If you opt for the alternative solution, applied directly to the gloss or Vaseline (for a nude effect) on the eyelid, no eye shadow, to avoid the above-mentioned result in eye color unsightly folds.

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