Female Orgasm: a search reveals the origin+Are Female Marines Hot

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It may be that many women do not if they have ever asked, but scientists surely have wondered for centuries because their female orgasm : the answer, waiting for the time of the ancient Greeks, is only arrived today.

Students of Aristotle, in fact, had already placed the question of why women had an orgasm, for this defining moment seemed to have a useful role in reproduction. A version that was disproved only in 2016, after years and years of research: according to a new study conducted by scientists at Yale University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the female orgasm was once an extremely important purpose.
The female orgasm, in fact, it stimulates the production of two hormones in the brain , prolactin, and oxytocin; in many mammals, these hormones give the necessary push to the ovaries in ova production. In humans (and beyond), ovulation was induced by the man during the sexual act, and as a result, the production of an egg, at least at the beginning of the human species, could only take place after having had an orgasm.

Today ontogenetic cycle does not depend on ‘ sexual activity , but scientists believe that once playback between humans functioned in the manner described above. Only later, the menstrual cycle would appear, being always on the results of this research, making orgasm become superfluous from a purely reproductive point of view.

According to scientists, in addition, the evolutionary change from ” induced ovulation “all ” cyclical ovulation” would lead to an anatomical change of the clitoris , from inside to outside the vagina. “This anatomical change has reduced clitoral chance to receive an ‘adequate stimulation during intercourse leading to neuroendocrine reflex known by the name of orgasm ” , scientists have revealed.

However, you do not think that orgasm of our ancestors was better than ours: according to the researchers, their orgasm was quite different. “It is important to note that the female orgasm of a time was nothing like that of today,” he said Mihaela Pavlicev, who helped in the study, “we think that the change concerns mainly the increase of hormones.”