First day of high school how to dress

First day of high school: how to dress + Are High School

First day of high school how to dress

Being themselves is the most important thing, even when dealing with the first day of high school (indicated on the high school calendar and different region by region). Decide to overturn its look only to satisfy the expectations of others and to please people as possible is a little ‘how to betray oneself. So when you decide how to dress the first day of high school you should be sure of its potential and did not need the approval of anyone.

Many shy girls may be tempted to hide and disguise, to pass unnoticed as possible, while others may choose to go beyond just to scream to the world their courage. The ideal attitude? Being themselves , always, choosing the style of clothing that most resembles us.

Following, then, are some tips on how to dress , choosing from different styles .


The grunge word means “dirty and unkempt” was one of the ways of dressing of the nineties , but in recent years is back in vogue.

The tartan shirt can be worn open over a t-shirt, along with a pair of jeans, or knotted around his waist.

The jeans should be worn tight skinny model possibly in colors a bit ‘ faded as light gray or light gray blue, preferably with a high waist.

Those who prefer the skirt can opt for a model or for a long pinafore dress wide and short.

They can not miss in the wardrobe oversized sweaters of wool or cotton and leather jackets.

To absolutely standing biker boots , amphibians or low and dark sneakers.


Hipster is a culture that ranges from fashion to music, hybrid and evolving. Fishing a bit ‘from the vintage , the 70s and 80s , a bit’ by the latest trends.

Pants must be very tight, so in space leggings , skinny jeans belonging to the calf and in the last revivals inspired fashion 80s and 90s, even faux leather leggings.

The foot must be worn at the sneakers – preferably vintage and evidently used – or lace, worn with tights in plain sight.

The choice between the top and t-shirt is very varied, it ranges between oversize models with written forms and more adherents, however, bring in leather biker jackets or jeans.

Inevitably the eyeglasses or sunglasses with the great frame, black.


Dark and mysterious, but also romantic and retro, the gothic tendency never goes out of style, even among the very young.

Typical Gothic fashion includes details such as the black enamel , the blacks clothes , studs, crosses, makeup and blacks hair, piercings, and chains. In some categories of Gothic fashion, good amount of accessories is inspired by the Victorian fashion .

Socks and clothes are often torn, with applications studs .

The ” nail ” is indispensable for the punk style 80s.

As for the shoes are essential for amphibians and boots.


The preppy style takes inspiration from clothing schools and American colleges , especially those frequented by wealthy guys.

The colors should be chosen from the soft colors , especially pink, green and blue, and put together in small doses.

The pleated skirt is in check fabric.

Among the jackets depopulated the blazer .

The shoes are simple: especially dancers and penny loafers (those with a pocket for a coin-luck).


Style sports is a trend that gives a nod to the fashion system but above all the comfort, even a little ‘men.

T-shirts are oversized , often skater, displaying the name of different brands skate.

Jeans are strictly narrow, in dark and light colors like neon .

The sweatshirts must have the cap: beautiful written or beautiful patterns are key.

At the foot can not miss sneakers .

You can get the acceding wool beanies or hats skate.

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