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Food Haute Couture

Food Haute Couture

When we hear the word “fashion”, the first association that comes to mind, for clothing. However, this broader concept has penetrated into all spheres of life and each makes its own rules. For example, you think about the fact that nowadays it is fashionable to take in food? And I am not talking about a raw food diet, vegetarianism, and other areas of healthy eating. All of this, shall we say, the food is ready-to-wear. As for the cuisine, haute couture, then the case took professionals – fashion houses Dior, Burberry, D & G. They decided to haute couture, not only to satiate their customers in a figurative sense, and open a restaurant at their boutiques.

Why Fashion Industry Giants To Cook?

Restaurants Haute Couture

Every fashion house has its own ideology – it is something more than a “rag”. It is a lifestyle that they promote and serve.

For example, the British BURBERRY was shown as they honor the tradition and respect for the history of the brand. Restaurant London boutique at 121 Regent Street they called by Thomas’s, in honor of its founder. All dishes are prepared in the restaurant of the foods that are buying from local farmers. With its concise menu, they are invited to immerse themselves in the traditional British flavors of lobster to the famous afternoon tea. In the interior, there is scope and conservatism: massive chandeliers, large windows, black-and-white marble floors. Looking for a visit to Thomas, it is difficult to leave without having bought gifts, because store them is right in the restaurant.

Restaurant Barbary

Christian Dior was a connoisseur of French cuisine. In 1972, she even published a book with your favorite recipes «La Cuisine Cousu-Main». In our time, in a cafe fashion house you will find a dish from this cookbook and a couple of exclusives. Especially for Café Dior in Seoul kitchen designer – Frenchman Pierre Hermé (Pierre Hermé), has created a collection of desserts, carefully traced the feed ingredients and worked. Like haute couture, together, over one dessert runs several confectioners, bringing it to perfection. “Hazelnut cream, caramelized hazelnuts, praline ice cream” – mmm, yummy sounds like! But in spite of the above, calorie, Pierre tries to make desserts as healthy and light. Cafe interior made in pastel colors. Pinkish-white sofas reminiscent of clouds, on which you carry couture desserts. Food this fashion house is filled with French chic, which brings DIOR wherever there is Café.

Restaurant Dior

DOLCE & GABBANA slowly fill its restaurants, Milan. However, another major global brand – Martini, they opened the Martini Bar and Martini Bistrot at the boutique. Here in addition to the rich gourmet dishes you can taste exclusive cocktails based on Martini. The interior is designed in dark colors passionate classics – red and black. The main concept of institutions – to respect the Italian tradition, and to bring something new. Here they splashed all the luxuries that she could remain in them after the new collections.

Restaurant Dolce Gabbana

The first restaurant brand GUCCI opened in Shanghai, one of the floors of the boutique. They called it ” 1921 of Gucci », to more than one visitor has not forgotten, in which the brand was founded. Prior to that, from the fashion house, there is the only cafe at the boutiques in Milan, Florence, and Tokyo. Menu restaurant mostly Italian. Going inside, the visitor should immediately feel the style of the House of fashion. Here, as in the present Gucci fragrances notes of wood, in the form of decorative elements. Chocolate-gold interior gently diluted turquoise accents.

Restaurant Gucci

So someone has filled the fashion market cuisine, so it ARMANI. Of Armani Caffè and Emporio, Armani Ristorante scattered around the world. The kitchen is mostly Italian. Responses to it are very different, and this means that there are also bad. That is, the food is certainly good, but, they say, does not correspond to the understanding of the brand. The general outline in the interiors there, but they all advertise Armani Casa furnishings.

Restaurant and Cafe Armani

Desserts Haute Couture from the PRADA – almost synonymous with the word “art.” Fashion House bought some of the shares in the famous Italian pastry shop Pasticceria Marchesi and opened a confectionery café in Milan. Here you can find sweets for every taste and color. The very same pastry is a bit like a boutique. Within the walls, there are niches with sweets, designed to tease the customers, so they are not left without buying. In an institution marble walls and floor, the chairs are upholstered in velvet, pistachio, and the dishes here are served on porcelain dishes with silverware.

Desserts by Prada

Fashion can be admired, feel it on your skin, feel the flavor and now, to complete the picture, you can see what it tastes like. Cafes and restaurants of fashion houses help to immerse themselves in the brand’s ideology, make it possible to stay longer in perfect, in their view, the restaurant with a unique aesthetic. In addition, even if you are tired of the endless food photos bishie social networks, it is unlikely you will be able to, say anything against sophisticated couture dishes.

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