Foods For Glowing Skin diet

Foods For Glowing Skin Try to Adding With Healthy Diet

Foods For Glowing Skin diet
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Foods for glowing skin market skin care several billion dollar industry in the United States. Promotional products are constantly new foods for glowing skin notice a young, smooth skin, and advertising signs, I swear, but the fact that many consumers do not realize that the foods foods for glowing skin we eat affect our skin as much, if not more, cleansers and creams for topical application. Junior, healthier glow second skin, try adding eight of these foods in your diet:

1. Salmon, sardines, and anchovies

A large number of fish DMAE (AMD). AMD to strengthen and protect skin cell membranes, which cause premature aging by guarding against corruption. In addition to acetylcholine, neutrotransmitter your muscles contract and tighten the skin increases, keeping the face looking toned and tight. AMD is also arachidonic acid, leading to the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin can reduce production.

2. Broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts

Green leafy vegetables such as alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) rich. Fight free radicals that cause aging of the high concentration of antioxidants, anti-aging ALA is one of the most powerful tools. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, circles, swelling, redness and blemishes down, and at the same time, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Grapefruit

Vitamin C, if the consumption of fresh products, reverse skin damage caused by the sun and pollutants contribute. It stimulates the production of collagen, the new growth of skin, reduce wrinkles and smooth texture to the general. With a red grapefruit daily allowance of vitamin C greater than 100%, this is the perfect way to get your skin repair.

4. Blueberries

Agriculture Blueberry identified as the most antioxidants of any fruit per serving. These antioxidants not only to keep the skin look young and smooth, but at the same time, blueberry memory loss, protects against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Thus, they are a powerful elixir for the skin, but without a doubt they will help you stay young and healthy for the rest of your body as well.

5. Oysters

It does not really understand what your favorite aphrodisiac shellfish can not be helping your skin? Oysters contain a large amount of zinc, a mineral that your body needs to repair damaged tissue and the formation of new proteins. Enough zinc, not only for your skin to get the benefits of a diet, but, nails, hair and eyes.

6. Walnuts

These tasty little nuts, omega-3 fatty acids, your body is filled with despair, but, unfortunately, can not produce itself. Come to your skin, omega 3 works to protect your cell membranes. When membranes are strong, they are harmful substances, can also be a food and debris are removed from the cell. In addition, the cell membranes can retain more water, moist, smooth skin cream.

7. Tomatoes

A powerful source of antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes prevent premature aging and helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun. In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, a member of a diet rich in tomatoes minimal UV exposure to sun damage, tomatoes in the diet, compared with those who did not follow them. Lycopene in tomatoes, cooked or processed after the body can handle, so concentrate on diet, including tomato sauce and soups.

8. Eggs

Two eggs contain nutrients that are necessary for skin health, choline and lutein. The first building that fat cell membranes healthy skin, responsible for the smooth part. Choline vitamins in our body strong and smooth skin proteins collagen and elastin to keep regulating the level required to produce. Lutein, eggs second key nutrients, protect skin elasticity and is an antioxidant that prevents damage to the skin.

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