Kitchen renovation 7 Things to Know

Kitchen renovation: 7 Things to Know

Kitchen renovation 7 Things to Know
Time to renovate the house: before facing the work, it is best to pay attention to some important aspects, in particular as regards the kitchen renovation.

Unlike other environments, in fact, redo the kitchen requires a more delicate intervention, given the presence of installations and plumbing connections, but especially some discomfort in more if the house is already populated since you will be forced, for a more or less long period, out to eat.
Here then 7 important aspects to keep in mind before you renovate the kitchen.

The budget. The first thing to determine is the budget available for the work. The idea is to contact a contractor so that they get to do a quote detail which will be to add some extra spending. In fact, it happens very often that, during the work, you may discover too old pipes to be replaced or electrical systems to change.

The timing. As we said, in the case of kitchen renovation it is particularly useful to know the estimated time for the work: two weeks rather than a month make a difference, having to arrange for eating out every day. Also, it is good to consider that the schedule is never actual: it happens very often that three weeks of work turn into a month and a half. Calculated thus always a wider margin by the end of the restructuring.

The permits. We must not overlook that for certain types of intervention is necessary to obtain authorizations and permits. Better then to inquire in advance about the regulations.

The project. Before starting work, make sure that the kitchen project you have in mind not only meets the desired aesthetic requirements but also those of practicality and functionality. There must be both the space needed to keep in order all the dishes for both moves easily when you are in the kitchen.

Appliances . Another important step is to assess first what are the appliances that you do not want to give up in order to ensure that in the project there is space to keep them all but also to be able to easily use.

The pipes. Moreover better keep in mind that opting for a project that completely revolutionizes the old system requires a much longer time than that a greater use of money especially if they want to change the hydraulic connections.

The ventilation. A good renovation project, also, must provide a ventilation system capable of eliminating odors of the kitchen so fast and easy.

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