anxiety and weight gain

Ksenia Borodina panics due to excess weight

anxiety and weight loss

Just two weeks have passed since that moment when Ksenia Borodina panics second time became a mother, and the presenter already starting to panic because of the accumulated during pregnancy kilos.

anxiety and weight gain

Leading the “House-2” is an active blogger, and all the latest news of her fans may be the first to learn Instagram Xenia. This morning TV star shared with his followers concerns about the changing shape:
Oh, how quickly lose 8 kg, who knows? ?? I knew a lot of ways, but I am afraid that all forgotten)) after 12 days postpartum, and panic already))
generalized anxiety disorder weight loss
Borodin, has 3.9 million subscribers, immediately got a lot of useful tips. TV presenter subscribers will be happy to share with her in many ways, proven in practice.
Among the most popular methods of weight loss after the second birth fans Ksenia recommend breastfeeding for two months, compulsory wearing of postpartum bandage for a few months, more traffic, as well as some limitations in food: anything fatty and fried.
stress and weight gain

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