Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Beautiful Makeup tips decorate any woman. Makeup tips a necessary addition to your daily way. To make a beautiful makeup requires little time. Daily training, you will learn How to do it for 10 minutes… You'll need - Blush - Powder - The shadow of two shades - Lipstick - Ink Makeup Tips Instruction Face tone. To make-up on her face stayed all day, apply foundation on the prepared skin. During the morning procedures apply day cream, eat breakfast until the skin is impregnated with a krem.flek excess tissue and apply the tone. Concealer is applied sponzhikom, not your hands. This will evenly note. In addition, significantly reduce the time of aplakeyshan.tsuleygn powder on top of a broad brush, it is better to use loose. You can not be afraid to go too far, the remainder will not be visible. Blush for everyday makeup pic bright colors: nezhno- pink, peach. Draw a point on the cheekbones. Eyes. For quick everyday make-up pick two shades. One light - essential. Another shade of darkness that draws little arrows lakh.far example, dark - gray, dark - blue, dark - brown. On the upper and lower eyelids moving cause light shade. Make sure the inner corner of the long. A take a convenient applicator brush or a special short-pile, for applying lines. The correct brush will make your arrows straight, and the time you'll spend a couple of minut.mir collect on the brush dark shadows and draws on the upper eyelid near the lashes arrow to the outer corner of the eye do thickening. The lower eyelid is adjusted to the same middle of the eye shotns.endikn the small amount of ink. Eye makeup turned out very nice. Thank arrows, eyes will be bright until the evening. Lips. For daily make-up, using the not very bright shades of lipstick. Very pale shades of lipsticks require eyeliner pencil. Therefore, it is better to choose a lipstick average brightness. It can be applied without a pencil. In addition, it will provide additional freshness to your morning makeup.

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