Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for Brown Eyes

To visually increase eyes with black pencil to hold a thin line along the lower inner eyelid. If the eyes are big, thick line can be carried out along the outside of the lower eyelid. If you plan to paint the lips pearlescent, inner and outer corners of the eyes, it is desirable to emphasize the white shades or white pencil.

Errors in makeup brown eyes

In no event should not be used in makeup brown eyes orange color because it gives the image of an unhealthy kind. It is also desirable to avoid the use of pink color, because it cost a little bit too far, and your view will be repulsive. When you create a make-up, which is attended by the purple shadows, also should be extremely careful. This color enhances the yellowness not only pupils, but also proteins, so if the whites of the eyes are not perfectly white, is to abandon all shades of purple shadows.

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