Selection Of Furniture Color Palette Seasons personality test

Selection Of Furniture Color Palette “Seasons”

Furniture Color Palette “Seasons”

Each of us in the choice of furniture is faced with the problem of color interior solutions. Modern furniture production, as well as furniture from Mr.Doors, offers a huge range of colors and shades, thus dominate the color scheme should be only one color.

There are three ways the most successful combinations – contrasting, harmonious and monotonous. Contrast combines very different colors, such as black and white, harmonious – basically matching colors such as red and orange, solid color – shades of the same color. To combine more than two colors – not an easy task and requires professionalism and good taste. To this end, it offers a variety of color palettes, for example, “The Seasons”.

Furniture color options

Widely known fact that the color of the furniture has a distinct psychological impact on the occupant of an apartment or house. “Spring” color with a dominant yellow tinge, followed by pink, beige, white, red, green and blue to bring the atmosphere of the house a feeling of lightness, novelty, freedom and space. “Summer” with the main color blue, then brown, red, white, blue and green to soothe and cheer, provide dynamics and interior liveliness. “Autumn” color led red, blue and purple provide the warmth and comfort of home, comfort, and vitality. “Winter” with the main color blue, then – red, black and brown, calming effect, give the environment solidity and confidence.

It is necessary to be careful with the use of a large number of rich shades of red color that attracts attention, does not relax, it motivates to action. The black color in large numbers is alarming, it looks uncomfortable.

It should also pay attention to the harmonious decor furniture. Spring gamma looks great with yellow metal accessories, summer – cool silvery shades, autumn requires registration of the yellow and red metal, such as bronze and copper, winter colors harmonize well with the black and white metal.

Cabinet library

The directories ” Atelier Furniture Mr.Doors ” presents a variety of options for combinations, and our experts in salons or online to help you decide on the color choices and the general harmony of style.

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