Slim legs and calves 3 exercises

Slim legs and calves: 3 exercises + Best Exercises To Get Slim Legs

Slim legs and calves 3 exercises

Slim legs and calves are the desire of many women who love to show off shorts and mini and wear high heels casually. Especially the calves, in fact, are a very important part of the body and contribute – when long and thin – to make the most harmonious silhouette.

You can streamline legs and calves being careful to ‘ power , adopting the healthier lifestyle and practicing a type of workout right. Not all sports are fine, as there are some, such as running, step, exercise bike, which can be counterproductive.
Ideas, however, are the swimming , especially the breaststroke, which should be practiced at least three times a week, or even the stretching that in addition to stretch and relax the muscles helps to streamline legs and calves. The swimming, among other things, is particularly effective since it urges the entire body and relaxes the calves which, in fact, do not do any direct movement and are, therefore “brought” to shrink. The passionate bicycle when pedaling, should not support the entire foot on the pedal but only the heels, in order to streamline legs and calves more easily.

Typically, ankles and big calves depend on a genetic issue , but the problem can be limited through exercise and diet, as noted above, because often it is liquid or accumulation of fat accumulation. In addition to this, the following is for three years to do it at home.

Put your back against the wall and your feet apart. Bend your legs to form a ninety-degree angle between the calf and thigh, as if you sit on an invisible chair. Stay like this for six seconds and then return to starting position. Run 2 from 10 movements series, lazing between one and the other.

Standing, one leg stretched in front of you and one behind , separating them as much as possible and comfortably. Later, bend your knees in front of you and keep the back foot flat on the floor, feeling burning the rear calf. Keep the torso and back straight, looking in front of you as you continue to stretch, and then to shrink the rear calf muscle. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat on the other side. Do five of these extensions to the calf.

The dog yoga position with the head down asana is perfect to stretch your calves and can be performed alone to blur the calves. Lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders and your feet flexed not behind you. Use your hands to rise upward from the floor, moving your weight on your heels while the hips move upward.

Your body should be in the form of an overturned “V”, with the nearby ears at the elbows and heels as much as possible flat on the ground. Hold this position for at least 25-30 seconds while you experience a burning sensation in both calves. This is one of the best exercises to lengthen the same time. More approached the heels to the floor, the more effective is the elongation.

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