How to start a gluten-free diet in 10 steps

How to start a gluten-free diet in 10 steps

How to start a gluten-free diet in 10 steps

The gluten-free diet sensitivity and celiac disease (which must be certified following the diagnosis of the specialist physician and appropriate medical examinations) are the most common forms of a disorder that affects many people and which requires, first of all, to follow a diet without gluten.

When we speak of gluten we mean a protein found in certain grains, such as wheat, rye, barley, spelled and Kamut. In people who manifest an intolerance to this protein, the symptoms are primarily of intestinal type: the intake of gluten by a celiac, in fact, involves damage to the intestinal mucosa with the result that the organism is no longer able to properly assume the nutrients, especially iron. This also explains the sense of exhaustion often related to this type of disorder. The first thing to do in these cases is then to follow a gluten-free diet. How?

Here are the main steps to make sure to definitely eliminate gluten from their eating habits.

1 Spending. The attention to what we eat begins when we go to the grocery store. To start a gluten-free diet so we will have to learn to choose only safe food and gluten free . To facilitate this task, Coop has proposed the Bene.a sì line without gluten, a number of products specifically designed to meet the needs of people intolerant to gluten. The advantage? The products are easily recognizable from the pack of blue-green color and offer prices smart and accessible.

2 Beware of labels . To choose the best foods to put in the basket, you must learn to read the labels properly. If fact some ingredients to avoid are obvious, others can be misleading. An example? Those made from the malt as this cereal is made from barley.

3 Never sacrificing taste. Often start a gluten-free diet can scare: the main fear is to have to say goodbye to the rich and savory dishes. In fact, even excluding gluten from our table you can pamper your palate without sacrificing taste. Proposals gluten free on the market they are many and allow a varied and tasty diet.

4 The Bene.sì line Coop dedicated to gluten-free products, for example, offers a completely new range of first and second frozen dinners that satisfy all tastes: from the ravioli with ricotta and spinach with tomato sauce with potato croquettes stuffed with mozzarella to classic lasagna bolognese.

5 Breakfast rich. Even respecting a gluten-free diet, never give up breakfast. What to choose? For example, gluten-free biscuits and cereals made from corn and rice. A tasty treat for starting the day with more sprint? The Wafer Hazelnut gluten Bene.sì line of Coop.

6 Replace the dough. One of the most difficult steps for a diet gluten free , especially for us Italians, it is to give up pasta, but do not worry! In the market, there is viable alternatives pasta designed to meet the specific needs of those who are intolerant to gluten because they are prepared with corn and rice.

7 A suitable snack . Even snacks to enjoy during the day will have to be without risk. Then we choose specific products such as rice cakes, breadsticks, and crackers gluten free offered by Bene.sì Coop: will serve to break the hunger and you will be sure to take controlled foods.

8 A pizza, but the right one. To give up a good Margherita seems impossible? So we aim to gluten-free versions that you find on the market but not all. By now the locals preparing pizzas suitable for people intolerant to gluten are many and we can grant us the pleasure of a pizza away from home with friends.
Preparations to avoid . Another important step is to learn to recognize the foods allowed those also prohibited when we eat out. Some preparations it may

9 prove risky. An example? The classic breading usually prepared with bread crumbs.
Cook, that passion. Starting a gluten-free diet may be the right occasion to try their hand in the kitchen: preparing homemade cakes, muffins, and pancetta, choosing suitable ingredients, will allow us to better control what we eat and maybe even discover a new passion for the culinary arts.

10 Beware drinks . The last step, not least, is the choice of what we drink. In the case of fruit juices, for example, better control the ingredients and assess which are not added with other substances, such as fiber. As for the beer, however, you should choose the ones especially for those suffering from celiac disease because the classics are generally prepared with malted barley and / or wheat. Green light, finally, for the wine and sparkling wine.v

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