Summer Sale 2016 the guide

Summer Sales 2017 2018: the guide+What’s In Fashion Spring Summer

Summer Sale 2016 the guide
The 2016 summer sales are almost there: only a few days, in fact, the starting whistle to buy all those leaders of the fashion spring summer that we wanted to own but from which the costs still prohibitive, kept us away.

Before you rush to stock up on clothes and accessories, though, it is good to keep in mind a handbook, to be sure to really do the business and not fall into the trap instead of less profitable purchases.

So here is a guide to summer sales in 2017 2018 .

The dates of the balances

The schedule of dates, depending on the region, is as follows:

July 2: Campania
July 5: Lazio, Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto
July 6: Lombardy, Sardinia
July 7: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Marche, Molise, Puglia, Sicily, Umbria, Aosta Valley.

Always compare the old price tag with that lowered: those who have doubts about the discount percentage or if the price did not seem appropriate, request clarification from the shopkeeper.

Check that the heads are in good condition: if the defect is found after the purchase, you can request termination of the contract. The merchant is required to return the amount paid or to reduce the price. It is important to keep your receipt.

Always try on clothes before buying: the change of the goods is at the discretion of the merchant. It is good to ask if a change is allowed and how many days you have available to do that.

Avoid buying clothing items that do not have labels composition and maintenance, to avoid damaging them in the dry cleaning or in the water made at home.
Pay attention that the goods on sale are the seasonal one. The law provides, in fact, that the balances do not affect all products, but only those of seasonal items and so-called of “fashion character”, ie those that are likely to depreciate if it is not sold during the season.

All prices are binding on the seller if the case is drilled a price or a different discount from the one shown, it should be pointed out to the shopkeeper. In a case of problems, you can request the intervention of the municipal police.

The guarantee is valid for two years after purchase. Attention, therefore, to the receipts of chemical paper, which fade after a few months; advice is to photocopy them to be able to produce at the appropriate time. The guarantee is invoked within sixty days from the moment you discover the defect.
A merchant agreement with a credit card is required to always accept, even during the sales period, and not to increase prices for payments made with the card.

Attention to payments made by the revolving credit card, because the rates can exceed 20%. This payment tool can be convenient only if the principal repayment in a short time, ie a few months.

To avoid confusion and unwanted purchases, the goods balance should be shown separately from the non-obvious: if this rule is not respected must be reported to the municipal police.

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