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All New Look Season Hair Color Trends 2017 2018

All New Look Season Hair Color Trends 2017 2018

All New Look Season Hair Color Trends 2017 2018

Hair as a sun-kissed or pastel shades romantic? We present the main trends for the hair color of the new year!

After showing what will be the fashion colors 2017 2018, rose quartz and blue serenity, we can not tell you about the new hair trends for the new year!

Yes, after shush and tie-dye hair is the time to try new shades with which to brighten your look. Below we show the main look of the new season:

The bronde

Does Bronde Hair Dye Work

Stoves of status? Try the bronde! A mix between blond and brown that will enhance the color of your hair! Perfect for women from the Mediterranean complexion, the bronde, with its warm hues, make your brown cheaper off and lighter, while blondes will have a more decided and full color. Depending on the effect you can opt for shades that more or less light damage to your hair, as the bronde caramel, sand, honey or cinnamon.

The strobing Hair

Strobing Hair Style

It follows the bronde but it is much more subjective! Yes, because the strobing hair gives light to the areas of your hair, which of course are affected by the sun, according to the study of your face and the parts to be illuminated or to hide. By lightening and darkening the strands along the length and at certain strategic points, you will get a perfect effect of three-dimensionality. Depending on the shape of the face and hair of the features each has a different hue, which explains why the strobing hair is not similar either to sunburn or to the famous sweeping.

Rainbow Hair

How To Do Rainbow Hair Highlights

From the roots to the tips this year on your hair will shine the rainbow! Let yourself be overwhelmed by the phenomenon of strong of the moment that will lead you to have strands multicolor, green, pink, yellow, blue, etc. On the web already I have a wealth of fashion icons that show off this new trend. Who is right? It depends, to anyone who has the courage and a touch of daring in the show it off.

Hair Color Pastel

How To Color Hair Pastel Pink

The rose quartz and the ‘ blue serenity are the main colors of 2017 2018 and not just on clothes but also the hair. Do yourself be captivated by these two new colors that somehow we have marked in our childhood, just think of the cartoon of the 80s such as Jem and the Holograms, Sailor Moon, Amy Magic, Kiss Me Licia, Mole. From pink pop, you can easily opt for gold rose decidedly romantic or for strawberry roses, perfect for blondes, brunettes, and red. Among the colors extra pastel of 2017 2018, we include the purple and blue-gray, suitable only for the most courageous and punk inside.

Glitter Mania

How To Apply Nyx Glitter Mania

Not only on the eyes, the glitter confirmed the new trend of the year, even by the hair. The new fashion dictates to apply glitter, of every shape and color directly on the hair roots also to cover regrowth! But how to apply? Arm yourself with gel that you are going to roll out on the area to illuminate and then add the glitter of your choice. A veritable ode to the 90s this new craze may be limited to the middle line or the one you prefer; you can also opt for combinations tone on tone or contrasting. Are you ready to shine?