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Sandal with vinyl heel + sandals with leather heel and upper with cut-out

Zara Shoes: Photo Catalog And Prices Of The Models Not To Be Missed

The Zara shoes are colorful and trendy. Discover all the most beautiful models in the new collection with photos and prices.

The new catalog of Zara shoes for spring-summer 2017 2018 collection is full of exclusive models not to be missed!

We speak of sandals with heels, wedge heels and flat shoes easy-chic or extravagant, available at truly affordable prices.

The Spanish giant low-cost after delighting us with an S / S 2017 2018 fashion line offers footwear for all tastes and which reflect the main trends of the moment.

Below we present:

  • The new sandals models for everyday or for special occasions;
  • The espadrilles;
  • Sports shoes: sneakers and slip-on.
  • Stay tuned to learn about the new Zara shoes online, with photos and prices.

Zara sandals for spring-summer

Sandal with vinyl heel + sandals with leather heel and upper with cut-out
Sandal with vinyl heel 39.95 EUR / sandals with leather heel and upper with cut-out 49,95 EUR

Zara has always been attentive to the needs of its customers offers a catalog of shoes for the summer full of fashion models, stylish and trendy.

In particular, we are talking about sandals with strings to be connected to the ankle, available in the colors of the moment, such as fuchsia, yellow, blue, metallic gold or silver effect, black, white, red, and multicolored.

The new line offers footwear minimal style, like mules, classic sandals with a low heel or stiletto high, simple leather, satin or suede. But there are more trendy proposals, modern mood and showing alternative materials such as vinyl and unique design.

Sandals black with contrasting heel + Red sandalwood with colored
Sandals black with contrasting heel 69.95 EUR / Red sandalwood with colored EUR 39.95 multiline strings

If you like contrasts, then the new collection of Zara sandals is what you are looking for! Beautiful models multiline strings with contrast heel, followed by sandals from multicolored clamps, to bring the latter connected to the ankle or the heel, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Sandal with plateau effect denim + lace-up sandals velvet
Sandal with plateau effect denim 69.95 EUR / lace-up sandals velvet 39.95 EUR

Among the most popular models for the new season certainly no shortage sandals denim with platforms, which are adorned with floral jewelry, followed by those lace-up velvet, like the model pictured here at the top bottle-green.

Bring laced Zara also offers leather variants or more summer with high para jute strings and striped navy-chic.

Sandalwood with+ Sandalwood feathers with leaves
Sandalwood with EUR 79.95 / EUR 79.95 Sandalwood feathers with leaves

There are no shortage proposals really particular, with stiletto heels very high, also open on the heel, and whose uppers are enhanced by details such as feathers, rhinestones or very clingy clamps in the shape of a leaf. You what you wear?

Leather sandals with ruffles +Leather sandals with pompoms
Leather sandals with ruffles 79.95 EUR / Leather sandals with pompoms EUR 49.95

Inevitably the frills, like this sandal in the picture, with the medium heel of the square, full leather purple color gradient effect. You add the cute cheerleader, proposed multicolored or plain, as this sandal total black, low-heeled and very wide.

Leather sandals with heel and platform wood effect +Sandalwood mirrored effect
Leather sandals with heel and platform wood effect 59.95 EUR / 29.95 EUR Sandalwood mirrored effect

For lovers of heights, we suggest the sandal in black leather with a buckle at the heel, heel and sole effect irregularly shaped timber.

The new collection of Zara Spring / Summer 2017 2018 shoes also includes shoes with medium heel effect mirrored available in shades like mauve and lead.

Sandalwood down with bright ties + Sandalwood down with watermelons
Sandalwood down with bright ties 29.95 EUR / Sandalwood down with watermelons 39.95 euros

For the category of flat sandals, Zara has made single color models available in a wide color pink, also detailed nodes, beaded decorations or feathers, or Multi-String twisted front. Same fantasies even for mules, so particular as to be worn only on the beach.

Wedge with cross plateau + wedge with studs
Wedge with cross plateau 49.95 EUR / wedge with studs EUR 59,95

They are also provided with footwear sole platform, ranging from more sporty models to those that show more glam embroidery, studs, synthetic pile, or are metalized effect or raffia and rubber.

Espadrilles for summer

Wedge Raffia laced + Esparillas concise rose
Wedge Raffia laced EUR 49,95 / Espadrilles concise rose 39.95 EUR

Espadrilles colorful and imaginative await you in the new collection of Zara S / S 2017 2018. The shoe raffia detailing not only the classics but also the wedges platform or like ballerinas, all essential lace.

Wedge laced EUR + EUR wedge jute
Wedge laced EUR 59,95 / 25,99 EUR wedge jute

Models are available with very high wedge and platform, to be worn fastened at all times or slipper inserts with contrasting metallic effect or skin.

Sports Shoes Zara

Satin Sneaker EUR 39,95 + Derbies with platform silver 45.95 EUR
Satin Sneaker EUR 39,95 / Derbies with platform silver 45.95 EUR

For the line of the sneaker, the new catalog provides laced models or less, with rubber sole low or platform, leather or imitation leather, suede effect or canvas from the sole coated raffia. As for colors, the brand has opted for pastel shades of pale, silver or gold, plain or two-tone.

Sneaker mules fringed EUR + EUR 19.95 shoe with curled edge
Sneaker males fringed EUR 29.95 / EUR 19.95 shoe with curled edge

Alternate sneaker in a fabric network, or satin with Bijoux details, leather models with pom-poms. There are also open on the heel sports shoes in denim with frayed edges, and creations with elastic on the edge, practical and comfortable.