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Liu Jo Dress Collection Spring Summer 2017 2018

Liu Jo Dress Collection Spring Summer 2017 2018

For the spring/summer collection 2017 2018, Liu Jo offers chiefs essential elegance, feminine and glamorous, versatile to feel more and chic on all occasions

And ‘glam-chic new Liu Jo collection for the season spring-summer 2017 2018. The Italian label offers a line of clothing unparalleled, elegant and feminine, trendy and especially solar energy in view of the summer.

We speak not only clothes but also jackets, tops, shirts and blouses, skirts and pants with clean lines and clean design, especially ultra versatile to wear on all occasions.

There are also influences from different styles: a mix of classic and modern, rock, boho and romantic inspirations and bon-ton, exclusive and unique to make the proposals of the new collection.

Liu Jo Dress Collection Spring Summer 2017 2018

But what are the leaders cult of the new catalog Liu Jo Spring / Summer 2017 2018? Find out together analyzing them one by one according to the main lines of the brand.

Line White Label Spring-Summer 2017 2018

“Be bright like a diamond” and with this slogan that Liu Jo presents all the novelties of the line White Label, modern and feminine, casual and glamorous at the same time.
As the color palette seems to take into account very nuance lit and bright, like lemon yellow, ivory, cherry and navy blue, stand out without a doubt the romantic motifs floral, detailing dresses, tunics, and tops with flowing lines and boho charm. Especially for the line of clothing fashion brand seems to favor models knee or ankle long, graceful and delicate georgette, embellished with inserts lace.

Space for the rows maxi, multicolor or mono, strong tones or glittery finish from shimmer; we find them not only on clothes shirt dress but also on t-shirts, decorated with ruffles or flounces. The daily look is characterized by versatile and fashion garments such as blouses soft necklines by the Korean, by blazer shiny, from long denim jackets with frayed edges or from the boxy cut embellished by Bijoux inserts.

For the denim brand offers models fit skinny or boyfriend, stonewashed by washing with or without abrasion, decorated or not, they wear both day and night, just change the shoes and accessories. Green light also to planta culotte and a trouser leg of inspiration 70s.

How skirts the line provides high waist denim Pencil followed by proposals pleated mini or long embellished with lace inserts, for a game of contrasts I see-no-see really interesting.

Black Label S / S 2017 2018

Adherent lines that emphasize femininity mixed with elements from the metropolitan mood or rock characterize the proposals Black Label Liu Jo.
More aggressive and essential than the previous one, it can not help but suggest some outerwear really interesting, such as the jacket in faux leather from 3/4 sleeves and feather duster double crepe with silver buttons, both garments are ideal to wear both day and night.

For dress silhouette is really slim, we talk about models participating from V-necks, even with cut-out ultra-feminine, available in solid colors, black or dark red or with a particular print animal colorful. You add models by inserts in fabric mesh or embellished with details jewel -embroidered.

If you prefer a more romantic style, but at the same time modern, then we announce the models with a slightly flared skirt, made of lace and network, or simulated leather, available in delicate pink or all-black for a bolder look.

Among the stand out mini skirts flared models or knee, even fanciful, are worn with blouses, elegant and refined, and the top from deep necklines. Completing the interesting line sweatshirts Lurex made feminine and sophisticated lace from, total or detail on the back.

Line Gold Label Liu Jo Spring / Summer 2017 2018

For the line, Gold Label brand offers outstanding creations, glamorous and ultra-feminine with bright and precious details. Especially as we lengths proposals knee-long dress to wear for an important occasion and to make you feel real stars of the scene.
Not only lace precious inserts and lures that give light to the leaders, but we also find fine prints and delicate roses on garments Duchesse.

How Color Liu Jo opts not only of intense shades but also on the classic black and white duo, creating strong contrasts yet refined, like the dress features lace top rebrodé with a skirt in stretch fabric with fluid lines.

Blazer important enrich sheath dresses simple and elegant, like the mini jackets complete low-cut dress especially. There are also suit jacket and pants paired with structured tops and coveralls jumpsuits, including the model, suggest lurex and planta palazzo, V-neck, and the gold chain on her back.