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Top 10 Cereals From A Different Angle Not Only Benefits But Also Harmony

A Different Angle Not Only Benefits But Also Harmony

At the word “cereal” comes into your head at once: oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina. Benefits But also perhaps we are not just thought about, what is the use of this “porridge”, whether it is there or it is not necessary, what useful properties it is dominated, not whether it will contribute to weight gain.

Our magazine has decided to share with you all the secret and useful properties of cereal, conduct a brief tour.



Due to essential amino acids of protein buckwheat, buckwheat compensates partially replace meat.

It contains vitamins E, PP, B1, B2.

What to expect: 3-5 days eating buckwheat get rid of all the excess liquid. A great way to lose weight, a feeling of fullness

Please note: Do not use in long-term weight loss too often.



Thanks to the carbohydrates, cereal is a source of energy

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, K, PP

What to expect: lowering cholesterol levels, increase muscle mass cleansing.

Please note: porridge can not eat every day, there is calcium excretion from the body, which can lead to serious diseases in the future.



It is the only cereal, which is digested in the lower intestine.

It contains vitamins B1, B2, PP, minerals

It recommended for people who stradayutgastritom, ulcer, as when patients the kidneys.

What to expect: enveloping the intestine, the withdrawal from the body of excess fat,

Tip: cook porridge should be 15 minutes, then the useful properties are maintained to the maximum.

Please note: a high content of gluten can cause allergies. Do not eat porridge daily in large quantities, it is recommended to use semolina no more than 2 times per week.

Millet Porridge

millet porridge

Millet is the most low-allergenic views crops.

It contains vitamins B1, B2, PP

Advantages: high content of zinc, iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, bromine.

What to expect: the excretion of toxins, strengthen bones, strengthening the muscular system, the energy.

Please note: please refrain from the use of cereals, if you have problems with the thyroid gland.

Rice Porridge


If you make a porridge with milk, it will double the useful properties and increase the amount of calcium in the finished product.

Contains vitamins B, E, H, PP

What to expect: normalizes kidney function, helps normalize sleep, promotes weight loss.

Please note: Figure in a, purified form it can cause diabetes.

Barley Porridge

barley porridge

It is considered one of the most useful cereal, thanks to a huge amount of fiber.

Vitamins A, PP, E, D

What to expect: a cleansing of the body, lowering blood cholesterol, prevents deposition of fat mass.

Please note: It is not recommended during pregnancy. Intolerance to cereals.



Groats of durum barley, wheat, millet, and rice.

Rich in vitamin B5

What to expect: stabilization of water-salt metabolism, strengthen the heart muscle, increasing hemoglobin levels.

Please note: Diabetics should not eat porridge too often, it is necessary to be careful. People who are prone to be overweight so it is not necessary to consume in their diets couscous too often.



What it is: grains from dried and steamed wheat

Bulgur – porridge, rich in B vitamins B, K, E

What to expect: the saturation of the body, strengthening the blood vessels, lowering blood sugar

Please note: vegetable protein, which is found in bulgur is a strong allergen, which can not even suspect. Gastritis recommends bulgur excluded from the diet.


Grains quinoa

To get the perfect porridge, first wash it, making sure the movie is not digested, and then stir it thoroughly.

Saturation in vitamins A, B, C, D

What to expect: the withdrawal from the body of harmful substances, cholesterol reduction, relief from pain in the head.

Please note: people with kidney disease need to be careful in the use of quinoa. The fruit crops can cause a bitter taste.

Broomcorn (Black Rice, Millet Capitate)

Black porridge

From this porridge, adding to the chicken, cucumber, you can make a great salad, tucking her orange juice.

Contains vitamins B, E

What to expect: a conclusion of toxins, strengthen the heart muscle, reducing the risk of disease, normal pressure.

Please note: In this porridge no specific contraindications, all individually.

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