Eyes makeup Tutorials Video: What’s the Glitter Cut Crease?

This is the eyes makeup trend on the catwalks since the last Fashion Week! It invaded Instagram with tutorials or photos showing her eyes spangled! The result is staggering. In Public, we love it! Therefore, for successful we give you some tips your “Glitter Cut Crease!”

The ” Glitter Cut Crease ” is the new trend make-up! After spending months trying to sculpt your face based contouring, here he’ll have to be patient for your eyes. And it’s worth it! The result is perfect for an evening. A simple and very sophisticated makeup outfit like this allow you to be on top!

Glitter comeback and it’s not that that says Instagram! Fashion Week has confirmed this comeback for the least expected. Quickly, the term “Glitter Cut Crease” has appeared on our social networks thanks to a blogger, Hailey Wight, aka @CosmobyHailey offering us a tutorial on this trend!

The technique requires follow some steps some thoroughly:

  1. Spread the creu of eye color or too dark nor too light. No need to bring on the edge of the lashes as this is where the black liner arises last step.
  1. On the lower part of the eyelid, deposit concealer to make a line on the eye shadow and make a first comma.
  1. Remove your spangled line along the line you just drew along your eye.
  1. Once finished, draw a black line liner along your lash ending with a comma. Try to respect the parallelism commas three traits. This is also what makes the fabulous result.

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