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Vacuum: 10 things to know before you choose

Whether of domestic hygiene manic or on the contrary be little inclined to take care of the house, the choice of the vacuum cleaner is a factor that should not be underestimated.

The reason? Simple: a good product will guarantee excellent results in terms of cleanliness if you feel the Cinderellas convinced, and at the same time you will save you time and save you the trouble , if clean and tidy is not exactly your forte.

Among the best deals on the market, there are those of Severin , a German household appliances company that offer a wide range of vacuum cleaners that combine convenience, design, and quality and to satisfy the most of the modern women’s needs.

Before you go into a store and buy the first vacuum cleaner on offer that will happen, it will be better to keep in mind some, useful considerations.

Vacuum 10 things to know before you choose

Here then  10 things to know  to buy the ‘ perfect vacuum !

1 Bag or no bag?  It’s probably the first thing you will be asked to be a shopkeeper. Keep in mind that the performance between the two types is almost identical. The only difference? The vacuum cleaner with a bag will force you to buy an accessory in most but will require less effort in maintenance. The one without the bag, however, can be more practical in the immediate but must be cleaned more often.

2 Practicality . Since the vacuum cleaner is a tool that you can use often in the house is, consider that it is easy to handle and comfortable to use. If it is too heavy, awkward to lift or with a cable that is likely to attorcigliarvisi ankles at every shift, in all likelihood you will pass the desire to use it whenever there is the opportunity arises.

3 As I turn it on?  To make it easier and faster using it, then it is better to opt for a vacuum cleaner from the sensed operation, or that allow you to instantly find the power button and rewind the cable in a few moves.

4 Noise . One factor to be reckoned with is then the noise. If you need to use the vacuum cleaner even while the children are asleep or night, without having to wake up the whole neighborhood, the ideal solution is to rely on a product as quiet as possible. An example? S’Power SnowWhite of Severin , the latest generation of vacuum cleaners equipped with Soft Sound Design, an innovative system that eliminates the unpleasant noise peaks and reduces noise through the use of sound-absorbing materials and insulation methods. You can use it whenever you want without the risk of disturbing anyone and without CHAUVET a headache.

5 The most difficult points . Attention also to the choice of the nozzles: should be able to facilitate cleaning even in the most difficult points. It is n fact in the corners, under the sofa or behind furniture that usually settles the most of the dust. Then always make sure that there are several outlets available for vacuuming on different surfaces and that the vacuum cleaner has an ideal narrow shaped nozzle for hard to reach places.

6 I l filter . It seems a minor detail but the vacuum cleaner filter has a vital role. Then searching a product capable of purifying the exhaust air to the maximum and that does not release dust, pollen, dust mite allergens or mold. Even better if the product has several filtering stages, as the model of the vacuum MY 7118 “Pet” Severin .

7 The energy label.  Did you know? Of all vacuum cleaners products from 1 September 2014 the energy label affixing is required, which will enable you to clearly compare the performance of various models on the market. Believe it needed an engineer to decode what it says? It’s actually easier than you think: on the energy label, the quality of the various vacuum performance is indicated using a scale ranging from A (best performance) to G (worst performance). In addition to the consumption category, you’ll find listed other important values such as the level of dust into remission.

8 If in the house there are children and animals.  It is also important to choose your ideal vacuum cleaner according to the space to be cleaned, the home presence of carpets and furry friends they can sow a large amount of hair around. In this case then, better to choose a suitable vacuum cleaner: vacuum cleaner with bag “Pet” of Severin, BC model 7058 , has a great suction power and easy to remove hair, hair and dust. So, even if you have little ones at home, you can rest assured.

9 Where do I put it?  Before purchasing even the size of the vacuum evaluated. Think then where will place in the home and the space available. You’ll have to be able to take and put back in its place in a practical and fast, without effort and without having to move every time other objects.

10 Durability warranty . Finally, choose a product that will last as long as possible. The secret? Carefully considered the material it is made: must be resistant to shocks, scratches, and abrasions.

So, eye to choice! Because if it is true that diamonds are the best friends of us women, definitely it is the vacuum cleaner of our closest allies. Look for updates to Vacuum: 10 things to know before you choose to include your email in the box below

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