Victoria Beckham drunk on the first date with David

Victoria Beckham drunk on the first date with David

Victoria Beckham drunk on the first date with David

Victoria Beckham has spoken for the first time of the first meeting with her husband David Beckham , of his adolescent insecurities and the many fashion choices she has made over the years.

The former Spice Girls and the famous English footballer are together for over 19 years , of which 17 wedding. Now the designer has revealed that when she met David Beckham for the first time she was drunk , but despite this, there was love at first sight.
This was revealed by writing an open letter to British Vogue addressed to herself as a young man in which she told the start of his love affair and his adolescent insecurities.

The story of Victoria and David Beckham started in 1996 , after the Manchester United footballer had noticed the girl in the video for Say You’ll Be There , one of the first hit of the Spice Girls . “This is the girl for me and I meet! She’s my idea of perfection. I know that if I wanted to, we’ll be together forever, ” she had declared. Following this announcement, Victoria had gone to see a play David and fell in love at first sight.

“Learn more things about football, especially the offside rules. And yes, love at first sight exists. You will find it in the waiting room of Manchester United, even if you’re a little ‘drunk’ , wrote the former Posh Spice in the letter to the young themselves. “While the other players will stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David sit on one side with his family. She has a smile so beautiful. You are also closer to your family and think it seems similar to yours. She will ask the phone number – has always carry your ticket London- Manchester on which to write it. ” The couple then married in 1999 and has four sons : Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper .

In the letter, Victoria Beckham, born Adams, also recalls his years at the school of a theater of Epsom, Surrey, admitting that he felt always a fish out of water at the age of 18 years , “not the prettiest, nor the learner ” . ” I know you’re struggling, ” She wrote. ” you are neither the prettiest nor the cleanest, or the best dancer at the Laine Theatre Arts College. Do not you ever feel at ease, even though you share the accommodation with a lot of cute girls. You have a lot of acne and the Chancellor has put you at the bottom of the spectacle of an end of the year because you were too chubby to be in the front row (or so we think). ”

Regarding his stylistic evolution and passion for fashion , which has led it to establish itself as a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham wrote: “You’ll have a lot with clothes – suits stretch PVC, ribs and absurd things; strange hairstyles with blonde hair on the tips. ” ” There’ll never notice appear ridiculous. You go to awards ceremonies looking like a drag queen. But I look back to those days and smile. Add interest to your life going from one extreme to another. I love the fact that you will be free to express yourself. “She continues talking about his” mature style ” :” Fashion will give you a standing one day, but try not to be deducted from this. The mparerai, becoming mature, to exchange her heels with a pair of tennis Stan Smith, mini dress with white shirts and simple shoes. And you’ll never be one of those people who simply roll off the bed. “

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