What Do You Know About Hair Oils?

What Do You Know About Hair Oils?

Do You Know About Hair Oils

Not there is no single doubt about the fact that every girl wants her hair oils was beautiful, well-groomed, shiny and fascinating. There are many ways of hair care products, but right now I would like to focus on hair oils.

What in general is a hair oil? This is one of the best ways to strengthen the hair structure and their recovery.

Sunflower oil (always at hand)

The Main Rules Of Hair Oils:

  • Make a head massage, do not be afraid to apply oil on the scalp and carefully rub your hair does not become fatter!
  • If your type of hair greasy – use the oil once a week, do not overdo it, otherwise the hair otyazheleyut.
  • Study the composition of the oil when buying very carefully, the oil must be pure.
  • Do not choose the oil, the smell is annoying you, or do not like. If you choose a scent that appeals to you, you get to relax and enjoy the process.
  • To make it easier to wash off the oil, you can add a little mustard or the chicken egg yolk.
  • This creates Thermo effect, and easier for you to process.

Focus your attention on what are the different types of hair oils, Oils are divided into three subtypes: fatty oils, bold and dry.

Fatty oils (for women with dry hair type)

Fatty oils (for women with dry hair type),.

Advantages: With this oil you get a double moisturizing.

Castor oil

Application: Hair wraps castor oil or classical mask.

The composition of the mask utterly simple: a teaspoon of castor oil and half a glass of kefir.

What to expect: strengthening hair, activating hair growth, an increase in density, elimination of dandruff.

Shea Butter

Application: Apply on the scalp, or add a few drops to your shampoo.

Advantage: perfectly absorbed into the skin of the head, does not clog pores, no greasy residue.

What to expect: a natural shine, hair protection against breakage.

Bold oil (for normal hair)

Bold oil (for normal hair)

avocado oil

Application: mix two types of oil (a teaspoon) – Jojoba and avocado, carefully rub into the scalp.

What to expect: the restoration of damaged hair, strengthening the tips, strengthening hair roots, improving scalp.

Sunflower oil (always at hand)

Application: two tablespoons of oil, a tablespoon of honey and one small onion, distribute on the scalp

What to expect: hair growth, thickness, healthy shine, as hair protection from the cold in the winter.

Sweet almond oil

Application: Mix a few drops of orange, tangerine and jojoba oil, rub the head and spread over the length of the hair.

What to expect: abundant moisture and protect hair from the harmful effects of cosmetic products such as gels, varnishes, promotes hair growth.

Dry oil (for all hair types)

Dry oil (for all hair types)

coconut oil

Application: can be used in pure form, spread on the scalp.

What to expect: increasing the volume of hair, the hair will become shiny.

Grape (grape seed)

Application: Apply to clean and dry your hair, rub into the scalp, distribute through the hair, wear a hat to Thermo effect.

What to expect: strengthening the hair follicles, getting rid of dandruff, stimulates hair growth.

There are also universal oils that will suit absolutely any type of hair and does not make use of regret.

Burr oil

Application: mix two teaspoons of honey, two teaspoons of butter and two egg yolks.

What to expect: the elimination of dandruff, relief from itching and irritation of the skin of the head, the restoration of the structure of hair, shine and elasticity.

Olive oil

Application: Apply on the hair in the form of heat, to create a thermal effect

What to expect: The content of vitamins A and E in the oil, the recovery bulbs and hair structure, the head of the purification omer Zev Shih cells halt hair loss.

Linseed oil

Application: heat in a water bath to 37 degrees, rub into the scalp massage, gently comb through to distribute the strands, wrap a warm towel head. This oil should be kept mine hours.

What to expect: the structure of the restoration and revitalization of hair growth, getting rid of brittle, dandruff.

The universal advice: all oil should stay on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

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