Yamamay Costume Dorato Costume Yamamay 2017 2018

Yamamay Costume Dorato Costume Yamamay 2017 2018

Yamamay Costume Dorato Costume Yamamay 2017 2018

Let yourself be conquered by the Yamamay costumes for summer 2017 2018. We present the new bikinis, swimsuits, and trikini with pictures and prices.

The Yamamay costumes for summer 2017 2018 are beautiful! Bikini, integers and trikini have very heated fantasies and can be adapted to fit any requirement. Let’s find out what are the main features of the new catalog, all available online on the official website of the brand.

What we wear to the beach or pool? The brand wants to strike directly at the heart of their fans with a customs line very cheeky and youthful, with plenty of floral patterns, lines, and proposals in denim style. Stay tuned and dates immediately rein on a shopping spree with the new collection of costumes Yamamay 2017 2018.

Swimwear two-piece Yamamay for summer 2017 2018

Balcony striped Slip top lines
Balcony striped € 39.99 / € 19.99 Slip top lines

Space to bikinis of all kinds and for everybody, including the proposals undoubtedly immediately catch the eye models striped dark blue on a white background, a fancy detailing coordinated by compounds bra with cups and underwire, triangles stuffed, both from match to Brazil with laces or to slip up, must-have this summer.

Costume balconette Padded Headband
Costume balconette € 39.99 / € 29.99 Padded Headband

Space also floral patterns that are both very delicate and elegant variations that more colored by the tropical mood. In this vein, the brand offers not only bras with differentiated cups but also end costume padded to coordinate medium or Brazilian briefs with bows.

Padded triangle high-waisted briefs
Padded triangle € 39.99 / € 19.99 high-waisted briefs

They are definitely the most romantic proposals in the total white lace floral, very sophisticated and feminine. Of this fantasy, Yamamay offers a padded triangle and the bustier to be completed with matching briefs, strictly high-waisted.

Triangle Floral Triangle Floral
Triangle Floral € 29.99 / € 19.99 Triangle Floral

Costumes abound effect denim, real trend of summer 2017 2018. Beautiful floral hard triangle strips combined with the shorts of the same pattern; that inosinate at the beach or pool you will feel perfectly fashionable.

Bustier Padded Denim + average Slip Denim + Brief with laces
Triangle Denim € 29.99 + Brief with laces € 19.99 / € 39.99 Bustier Padded Denim + average Slip Denim € 16.99

In the same line are also available costumes effect patchwork with visible stitching and an elegant bustier with very imaginative low slip.

Brasserie Sail Brasserie Sail + Brasserie Karma
Brasserie Sail € 29.99 Brasserie Sail € 16.99 / € 29.99 Brasserie Karma

There are also special creations effect see-through or the specific interlacing processes that enhance the cleavage. They are plain and bright red color or dark blue, both very beautiful and also ideal for a beach party.

push-up range + push-up range + Triangle Slip top with drawstring
push-up range € 29.99 push-up range € 14.99 / € 19.99 + Triangle Slip top with drawstring € 16.99

We conclude the swimwear collection Yamamay in 2017 2018 with the proposals of the Essentials range: costumes in two pieces and briefs with a basic style available in blue, black and red.

To the upper part there are padded bands, push-ups and triangles while for the lower part can opt for briefs, Brazilian with flakes or with side drawstring, the latter also present for the variant with a high waist.

Costumes Whole Yamamay

Swimsuit Striped Nail + Denim Trikini
Swimsuit Striped Nail € 59.99 / € 49.99 Denim Trikini

There is also space to swimsuits , Yamamay proposes different and very pretty. The range includes matching patterns together, very low-cut also on the front embellished with lace details.

The fans of the genre navy for sure will love the costume lines , with sweetheart neckline, straps and contrasting band on the belly.

There is also space to sensualissimi trikini , such as the creation of Denim line , with higher profiles and side strings decorated with a braided gold chain.

Yamamay Beachwear Collection

Mini denim dress + denim mini dress with drawstring
Mini denim dress € 29.99 / denim mini dress with drawstring € 29.99

The Yamamay sea Catalog offers next to the costumes also heads of apparel casual-chic with which to complete your beach look. Ruffles and frills there, as we can see, on the clothes of the collection, followed by long skirts , flowing together to wear to the beautiful crop-top that leave bare shoulders.

Short denim + Long dress floral
Short denim € 25.99 / € 39.99 Long dress floral

Also present are the jeans shorts with frayed edges and abrasions, perfect with the nice t-shirt in rows or with the canotte monocolored of the line. The floral patterns characterize the dresses, both mini and long, tops and pants at the palace.

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